Holocaust deniers gather in Tehran

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_guru, Dec 12, 2006.

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    I am quite disturbed by Mr Ahmedinejad, he seems to have a real bee in his bonnet about Israel. It is quite disturbing to think that he is developing Nuclear Weapons. I have recently read a book that claims that there is a secret protocol that all Islamic heads of state are aware of, that says that in the event of a nuclear detonation on the continental US (or allies - including Israel) they will retaliate and wipe the Islamic world off the map. A new version of MAD. Tin Foil hat stuff? Could be, but plausible. And would certainly justify our replacing of Trident...
  2. I heard something similar some time ago from a NY UN type in his cups - he had no sense of humor at all so prehaps its true.

    Actually on reflection its a good thing, a very good thing.
  3. Why is that as soon as someone mentions 'Israel' or 'Holocaust' in conjunction with denial people go ape and the 4x2's start wanting blood?

    It's a pity that the world in general do not have the same views where the maltreatment of civilains in say Palestine or the Lebanon are concerned - by the very people who cry 'Holcaust' at the earliest opportunity.
  4. Are you not concerned with the fact that Iran is developing nuclear weapons and determine that they want to remove Israel from the map?Do you think that Iran really gives 2 figs about the Palestinians?
  5. Palestinian bloke on Newsnight last night pointed out that this sort of silly and provocative stunt by Iran does the Palestian cause no favours at all.
  6. I say what about the gypsies, freemasons, disabled, homosexuals and political free thinkers who were murdered by the Nazis - who remembers them?
  7. Lots of people?
  8. The core of every political issue in the middle east is Isreal and the rights of the palestinian ppl....

    The biased policy of US about this case spread abominating against it in the whole area....And yes ,ppl in the arab world don't belive much about the Holocaust against the jews in WW2..They think it was made for giving reason to establish Israel on their land.

    You can find somthing about this here at Sky news interview with Gorge Galloway:

  9. Ahh, good old George Galloway, the true thinking man of British politics. Do you really believe that anyone in the Mid East gives two fcuks about the Palestinians? Do you beleive that Israel is soley to blame for the Lebanon? Get off your friggin self-rightouse stance
  10. There's no relevance in what you write to my original statement. In no way did I comment on Iran having the Nuclear capability.

    If you are so anti-Nuclear for Iran then perhaps you should ask yourself why the Israeli's were 'allowed' to build their Dimona facility and develop the Nuclear capability for themselves?

    I consider Israel to be more dangerous than Iran in this matter - they have the ongoing support of America and do what they want with little regard to UN wishes.
  11. ^ ^ ^

    Given that it was the Arab league who put the Palestinians in the position they are in today by telling them to move out while they dealt with Israel (and subsequently got their backsides handed to them on a plate), I think that you are right in saying that they don't give two hoots about them. They just use them as a proxy against Israel.
  12. If this was a proper conference called to responsibly debate The Shoah, then I (and most other Jews) would have no problem with it. As it is, it is simply a propaganda event designed to rub people up the wrong way. I can understand - just - why Tehran might wish to target Israel in this way but the fact remains that most of us live outside Israel and have no alliegance to that State whatsoever.

    If we're into demonising entire communities over local, contemporary political issues, perhaps Tel Aviv could host a conference attempting to prove that Mohammed was a paedophile. That would be utterly ludicrous and wrong and so is this Shoah conference.
  13. Exactly. While critical analysis is generally a good thing, the academic value of this discussion has been strongly questioned by many credible objective parties. (Of course, they're all part of the worldwide Jewish plot...right, right...) I agree that this is little more than a PR stunt to rile up the masses on both sides, and no doubt provoke a reaction.

    Personally? That must be a real fun room...if I wanted to spend a week with neo-Nazis, rednecks and conspiracy theorists I'd go visit my grandfather.
  14. "The core of every political issue in the middle east is Isreal and the rights of the palestinian p[eople]"? Really? Not the fact that no Arab government - with the possible and ironic exception of Iraq - can lay claim to actually representing the people it purports to govern, and that the continued existence of Israel - despite repeated attmepts to literally wipe it off the map since 1948 - is a living affront to many in the Arab and wider Islamic world. As has been pointed out, Palestinians are very much regarded as second-class citizens in the wider Arab world, only useful as a moral stick to beat the West with.

    Regarding the attitude of people in the Arab world to the Holocaust - I would merely comment that this is indicative of a deep psychological malaise, which manifests itself in other ways, such as the fetishisation of suicide bombers, and the fact that Arafat (who robbed his own people blind) and Bin Laden (who seems to spend a good deal of his anti-Western jihad killing his fellow Arabs) are considered 'heroes'. Perhaps the Arab world - if indeed the term has any meaning - should stop engaging in the blame game (the blame always lying elsewhere notably) and get their own house in order.

    As for this 'Holocaust conference' in Teheran, it would appear to be nothing more than a rather sininster publicity stunt which has attracted some truly upstanding people such as:

    - Australian Fredrick Toeben, jailed in Germany for incitement and insulting the memory of the dead (see - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fredrick_T%C3%B6ben)
    - Frenchman Robert Faurisson, convicted in France under Holocaust denial laws (see - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Faurisson)
    - Frenchman Georges Thiel, convicted in France under Holocaust denial laws
    - American David Duke, a former KKK leader and white supremacist (see - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Duke)
  15. This conference is not just about denying the holocaust. Nor is it only being attended by holocaust deniers.

    Here is a picture of some of the attendees - no duff!