Hollywood Superstar Comes out as Walt (Official)


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It would appear that the well-known and highly successful comic thespian, Mr Benjamin Stiller of Hollywood, California, is coming out of the closet as a "Walt."

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) - IMDb

Perhaps the moderators might contact the producers and suggest some appropriate extras and technical advisors from this forum's Hall of Infamy?

Mark The Convict

Since even the Baron doesn't have the star power to steal the title role, he'll have to content himself with a cameo.


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He could study the lives of fellow actors Trevor Howard and Brian Denehy (The Cop in First Blood)
Both busted for being Walts of the highest order.
Howard WW2 walt including bogus M.C. & Denehey Vietnam Walt
Trevor Howard - courtesy of that fine tome Wikipedia:

At the outbreak of World War II, Howard volunteered for the RAF and British Army, but was turned down by both. However, in 1940, after working at the Colchester repertory theatre, he was called up into the Royal Corps of Signals, airborne division, becoming a Second Lieutenant, before he was invalided out in 1943. Although stories of his courageous wartime service earned him much respect among fellow actors and fans alike, files held in the Public Records Office reveal he had actually been discharged from the Army for mental instability and having a "psychopathic personality".[SUP][1][/SUP] The service stories were originally fabricated without his consent for publicity purposes,[SUP][2][/SUP] although Howard also recounted how he had parachuted into Nazi-occupied Norway and fought in the Allied invasion of Sicily.
Brian Denehy:

Rather than immediately chase his dreams of stage and screen, Dennehy enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1959, actively serving until 1963. Although he said in numerous interviews that he had fought in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, even telling harrowing tales of his service there, it was revealed in the 1998 book Stolen Valor by B.G. Burkett that Dennehy had never served overseas at all during his time in the military. Later that year, Dennehy admitted to the tabloid The Globe "I lied about serving in Vietnam and I'm sorry. That was very wrong of me. There is no real excuse for that. I was a peace-time Marine, and I got out in 1963 without ever serving in Vietnam. I started the story that I had been in 'Nam, and I got stuck with it. Then I didn't know how to set the record straight." In 2007, despite these apparent regrets, he once again told a reporter tales of his imaginary service in Vietnam, this time to Joanne Kaufman of the Wall Street Journal.[SUP][5][/SUP]

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