hollywood shootout documentary on cable tv tonight

hollywood shootout is on virgin cable tonight 21:00 always worth a watch documentary
how to have the superior firepower yet still lose the firefight, and the only people who die are the gunmen.
Seen the movie 44 minutes and great to watch the cops arrses doing the tanner sixpence thing.
Yer l watched this, bloody gleaming. Surprised that the bloke who had the partialy ejected catridge bobbed and did not knock it out with his hand or arm. Also surprised at how close the swat were to the bloke with the AK at the end and no one got killed or got a head shot on the bloke!
Good program though!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t42RNpZsT4E Quick link to some footage.
I found it surprising that none of the SWAT with AR15s managed to get a decent shot in, given the close range, that the gunmen were surrounded on three sides, and that the gunmen could only surpress a few of the cops at any one time.

As I recall, one gunman appeared to accidently shoot himself in the head, whilst the other one eventually bled to death from leg and lower abdomen wounds.

The mental state of the gunmen must have been quite bizarre: no real attempt at a getaway in the early stages when they were virtually unopposed, and then no attempt to take cover or protect themselves when the firefight kicked off.

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