Hollywood movies coming soon

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sabrejet, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. The Falklands, the Truth

    Prince Andrew (Hugh Laurie) and his girlfriend Heather Mills(Steven Fry) are on a yachting holiday in the South Atlantic. On a visit to South Georgia they discover that the towel headed argies have desecrated Shackletons grave and built a Mosque at Goose Green.

    Prince Andrew gets on the satellite phone to his mum - Mrs Thatcher (Sharon Stone). Mrs T flashes Regan (Bruce Willis) across the floor of the UN and he sends the US fleet to seek out the weapons of mass destruction.

    Zulu, what really happened
    Mel Gibson blacks up and plays the part of the Zulu chief, the Zulu’s win.
  2. NAAFI Bar - The Movie

    No planned release date, due to unsuitable content.
  3. Just like you say... except in this one Mel Gibson puts on an Argie accent and takes out the Guards and Paras single handed while they are sneaking around the flank avoiding all the heavy fighting where the US marines are heroicaly munching through the main Argie defences. Mrs T then does the horizontal mambo with Regan as thanks.
  4. The image in my mind form that last line is just so,so wrong... :omfg: