Hollywood Airhead Math

1] a 750 -ml bottle of Grey Goose vodka holds 16 shots. If Paris, Lindsay and Britney start drinking at 8 p.m. and each has 4 shots an hour, how long will it take before they need to be 'comped' a new bottle?

2] Britney has two babies now but is often too busy to take care of them. Paris says she wants four babies in the next five years, and Madonna wants one more baby in the next year. If Britney can produce one baby a year, how long before she can make enough for everyone?

3] Britney, Lindsay and Paris have two pairs of panties between them. They want to get from the bar to the tinted-glass limo without flashing the paparazzi in as few trips as possible. Determine a method for all to limo onto the next party without indecent exposure.

You have ten minutes to complete the test.


1] They'll empty the bottle at 9 pm, but it'll be another 15 minutes before they actually need a new one.

2] Madonna will adopt enough for everyone who needs one and Britney will give hers to the Malawian father of Madonna's adopted son.

3] All three actually have more than enough pairs between them but are so terrified of having some paparazzi snapper catch a gusset shot that they deliberately left them off (a bit like the rationale behind airbrushing out pubic hair in 1970's soft porn). By chucking out time, at the rate they have been drinking in Q1, lack of underwear is probably the least indecent thing about any of them.

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