Holly Willoughby

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shamrock, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. Every site i go on, i see ads with Holly plugging Very.co.uk catalogues. Looking forward to ordering a catalogue and recieving some nice pics of said lady, so i could beat myself silly. I was VERY dissappointed to be rejected. My credit is so s4it , i cant even get the book never mind the bloody things in the book. F00k it, i only wanted it for self abuse.
  2. Have you not thought of searching clips of her cleavage of youtube?
  3. Holly Willoughbooby. :)
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  4. Did you snort, laugh out loud like a chimp and say that slowly to yourself before typing it?
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  5. Yup, and I'm still doing it. Along with thrapping.

    Happy now?
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  6. I fucking love her. I would crawl through a pit of shitty scorpions just to rub my face on the patch of floor where the gusset of her carelessly-discarded knickers had lain the previous day.
  7. This what Holly looked like last time she was round my gaff - But don't mention it to her, I doubt she remembers and I think its best if it stays that way:)

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  8. Yes.
  9. Too young for me. As I can’t get onto the MILF thread (seem to be barred), any objection to posting a pic of Kirsty Young. That’s a voice to spank the monkey to if ever there was one…

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  10. She looks like she has been properly Rohypnol-ed there.

    On that note, back in 10 minutes. No, make it 15.
  11. First person I'd tell is my Doris !!! if I ever got the chance to get my hands on her rat !!!!

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  12. they say there is a poet in all of us . Sublime etchings . Well done . I too would be behind you in said pit .

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  13. Once upon a time she used to dress up as a maid on SMTV (look it up on you tube and her boobies popped out)
  14. Holly Willoughbooby - SMASH!!!
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