Holly Vallance - Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!



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theres just more of her to love.
Women are all the same when laying on their back with the lights out anyway..


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More chins than the Hong Kong phone book


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It's just her face when she reads about quite what a pernicious Cnut her hubby to be is.
To be fair, she was heading that way on Strickerly, so I'm not at all surprised.

And I so would ..... if she was lucky. ;-)
She probably drunk the Golden Nectar she was advertising recently.....proves advertising fucking works I suppose!
For old times' sake ....

Holly Vukadinović is a typical nast piece of work Serb. She is (IIRC) shagging one of the billionaire Candy brothers (property developers). She was caught lying in court when she tried (and failed) to screw over her manager.

Most accounts of her portray her as a really nasty bitch. So a true Serb.
She never did it for me, the talentless cunt.

I thought at first the subject was busty supermilf Holly Willoughby and I could not bare to look. Luckily though it was antipodean no mark Z lister Valence. The burden of being a nothing has finally caught her up.


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