Holls4heroes (June plea - giz a lift)

We have a young family, steered our way by mate that bubbled them.

Two young kids, barely able to feed them, however i've given them a short term cash boost whilst i gather some extra help.

I need to buy / blag / beg a cot suitable for 6 months upwards. along with bedding and clothes for a 6-18month old boy.

They also have a 3year old in a similar situation.

Rather than try to a pile of clothes etc, I am cheekily asking for help in either the form of mothercare vouchers or cold hard cash.

I won't go into the circumstances, but take my word they are very worthy of our help, and they are only in this position due to being too stubborn and proud to ask for help.

I am working on re-homing them now.

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I'll try and drop some cash in tonight, but in the mean time.

A decent travel cot suitable for a 6 month old will set you back £20/30 second hand - great bits of kit, we've got one but it's being used I'm afraid.

We've got a pile of clothes/toys suitable for 6 months+ (having just hit the 9 month point with ours). I'd be happy to package up and send on if you want. Just PM me.


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