Holloway breaks ranks - Calls for Taleban Talks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jun 19, 2008.

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  1. Via the Indy


    Well he's not suggesting anything the Victorian Army didn't do to maintain some semblance of peace. Though I believe it all went chebs when we stopped paying them off, and they slaughtered an Army to make their point.

    Perhaps he means more overt talks and deals? Hasn't Karzai already said NA! to this?
  2. PTP:

    That maybe true but he wouldn't mind a few on his side.

  3. Media World:

    Senior Politician talking to media: "We will not negotiate with Terrorist Organizations"

    Real World:

    Senior Politician talking behind closed doors: "Talk to them and find out what needs doing to end this crap".

    After all it would be a shame if we kept fighting only to find out many deaths later that the Taleban just wanted 30 quid a week and a bag of poppy seeds for each of them to disappear.

    Seriously though, If both sides discussed options of how to end the conflict the outcome couldn't be any worse than it is now. The least that could happen would be Status Quo.

    Taleban position: "We want the west out of our country".

    West: "No problem, Can we discuss the treatment of women, schools etc, then when we reach a satisfying conclusion, we will leave gladly".
  4. You have to talk to the opposition no matter how detestable they are, it's called politics, that why we have such sh1ts in that job.
    Bribery is definitely an Eastern way of doing things, starts for sure once you cross the English Channel if not on our own side.
    "they slaughtered an Army to make their point."
    Oh now cum on One battalion plus a corps of Staff and a few thousand Hangers on.
  5. Instead of trying to negotiate with the fruit loop leadership, why not entice away more Afghan's from the organisation? More and more of the Taliban foot soldiers are from Pakistan and so have no reason to stop or change sides.
    Could the Taliban be trusted not to tear Afghanistan apart and lead it to civil war once again? Would they not invite AQ back again?
    Kazai's comment about the Taliban, I wonder if he is thinking about the much lower levels of corruption amongst there "police" and there more effective maintenance of law and order? One of the biggest things that will help defeat Terry is an efficent,honest and reliable police force.
    Talking to the Taliban is not like talking to PIRA but there should be a line of communication open to them.
  6. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    . . . as in UK gunmints (various) from 1971 - 1999 (ish) dealing with Sinn Fein/PIRA.

    On t'other hand, the example you give looks difficult for UK to guarantee, from half a world away. Need to know that Tommy Talib ain't gonna backslide once Tommy Atkins has gone back to Blighty.
  7. The initial reason for going into Afghanistan was not to remove the Taliban, just al-Qaeda. The fact that the Taliban refused to give up Osama and his mates then made their removal from power an additional objective.

    If lives can be saved by negotiating some kind of agreement then surely that is for the greater good. Although obviously we would need assurances that they would not revert back to their old habits. Politics can be a nasty business at times.
  8. Yes negotiations would prevent further loss of life on our part but surely the army would lose face in doing so. If the army were to leave now then it would be practically admitting defeat without achieving all of the objectives for Afghanistan. For starters Bin Ladens still loose (although I think he is elsewhere by now).
  9. You would have ask what the greatest loss is then - losing face or losing lives? Personally I'd go with the latter. Although I admit that losing face could cause massive problems the next time we go into another country if the people there have no respect for / fear of the British Army. But you're right, Bin Laden will be long gone by now, probably in Africa somewhere.
  10. It would have saved a lot of kerfuffle if the US had supplied the Taliban with any evidence of Osamas involvement in 9/11.
    The did ask. And it was a proper and correct request of a government to make of another government wishing to extradite a particular person.

    In fact we all saw them ask. Omar and his bespectacled aide were on telly practically every night on British news programs before the outbreak of hostilities.They said many times they would consider extraditing Osama were they to be offered evidence

    But the Americans refused to furnish the Tali with any evidence.
    Why not?

    There can be only two reasons. They didn't have any and/or they intended to attack and try and occupy Afghanistan anyway.

    Now six and a half years later I read in the papers three days ago a taliban commander saying that they had been honour bound to fight the Americans because they had not supplied any evidence.

    Makes you wonder doesn't it?
    All this war for the mere sake of tuppence worth of pottage.