Holland, the hand of Russia?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kromeriz, Mar 15, 2017.

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  1. High profile Twitter accounts hijacked in Turkish-Dutch protest
    Now that speaks more of other countries involvement. I'm not aware of any substantial cyber warfare capability held by Turkey, but obviously other countries have devoted a large amount of resources to hacking etc Amongst others the Twitter accounts hijacked included those of the European Parliament and the personal profile of French politician Alain Juppe.
  2. Im not sure hacking at this level is classed as Cyber Warfare.

    Just to put it in perspective, something like Stuxnet which disables state infrastructure is cyber warfare, if you cannot defend against it, you need to destroy the source before it prevents you from retaliating.

    Hacking a tw@tter account is clever, we all have clever hackers and thick "high profile" tw@tter subscribers.
  3. I may be wrong but Cyber now includes everything to do with Information Warfare which includes hacking. Happy to be corrected. Cyber security being change passwords regularly and with a high difficulty
    Govt sponsored cyber warfare.
    Everybody does. Some countries are better at it than others.

    E2A: I know its Wiki....
    Cyberwarfare - Wikipedia
    Nation state and none nation state, activists etc etc.

    The big question is Cui Bono
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  4. Nope plenty of Presidents though
  5. I say, we should show understanding and consideration for the hurt feelings of the nationalist turks and their president. As we are obviously all Nazi's, we should not insult them with our foul presence in their holliday resorts, or "Döner-shops" or vegetable-sales. I hope this way we can deescalate the situation.
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  6. Back off, the 1st time the Germans got involved, things ended badly.

    And an issue is the closeness of Germany to Russia. So many EU countries have been infiltrated by Russian gas...


  7. I don't think Alex (ex-16/5L) has popped his clogs yet.
  8. Crown Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia. Ex-16/5L.
  9. Putin learned well from Stalin, how to infiltrate
  10. I doubt it would, he would use it to manufacture grievance à la SNP
  11. Who knows, personally I think it would dampen down the rhetoric. After all, what grievance could he have if Turkey wasn't mentioned?

    It needs doing anyway. There will be a time when a country needs to be removed
  12. I live in the netherlands, one thing that struck me about the results this morning is the the PVV (the hair man's party) have gained a seat or two, they now have 20 seats in parliament vs Rutte's winning 33 seats.

    PVV did well for themsleves this time and it is not the staggering defeat of facism that the british press are reporting. It will, as usual, be a coalition government but we don;t know will pair up yet, PVV won't be in it though, all the main parties have already said they wont team up with them.

    In amsterdam, Groen LInks (green left) took the majority from labour.

    ABout the only interesting thing that has happened is that the Labour party (same as the uk labour party) had their arses handed to them and have almost vanished). That is the real story in european politics, the centre left parties are seriously out of favour for one reason or another.

    It was a big turnout, about 78%, everything seems above board, nobody is whining about foul play, everything is normal here.

    Also, regarding turks rioting all over the country, it's not true, there was one minor violent protest in Rotterdam, thats it, the Amsterdam protest had about a dozen attendees and was ignored by everyone.

    Rutte telling Turkey to F-off seems to have done the trick
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  13. I think I gobbed off on here last night, apologies for that.

    Its good to hear from someone there. I have a couple of mates who are Swedish and they went back last year to see their mum (brothers) and I asked about all the rapes and immigrant gangs, they didn't see anything and their mum was not seeing anything.

    Lived at Linkoping where I met them.
  14. Thanks for that.
  15. This is a pretty good article. Personally I believe Putin's plotting against the West is real, though whether it will have decisive results is another question.

    The Road to a Free Europe Goes Through Moscow
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