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scarletto said:
Seeing we have had one or two threads on the British in 1940, i have found this excellent site about the Dutch in 1940, again very suprising accounts of the defense of Holland.

Appears that 1940 wasnt such a easy time for the Germans, and not a lot of credit goes to the men of the allies at that time

Thanks for that Scarletto, I live here and travel in those areas quite often. An eye opener to know what went on there.
Dont suppose you have any info on Grave in 1940 or contacts? New book im writing at the moment about Grave in 44,but need some earlier stuff to pad out book.
I live in the area as well, an used to live close to Valkenberg airfield where the air-landed Germans were absolutely hammered by the Dutch defenders. Took some balls to land troops that deep into enemy territory though and almost failed in some areas.

Interesting German propaganda video on the fall of Holland:


There are also some great examples of Durch defensive bunkers around the area as well.
Well the Dutch dont have a healthy respect for the French, looks like they seem to think they were let down badly by the French,that site has some interesting history about Dutch-French co-operation.

Or should i say the lack of it, they even draw comparisions with todays going ons. All in all though, they (the Dutch) fought hard,and you can see why they arent keen on the Germans even today
scarletto said:
Dont suppose you have any info on Grave in 1940 or contacts? New book im writing at the moment about Grave in 44,but need some earlier stuff to pad out book.
Well theres a few on here who live in Gravenhaag or more popularly known as Den Haag or The Hague. What sort of thing are you interested in? I can certainly ask around for you if you can let me know a little of what you're after.
Cheers Ord. Ive been given info now on the Dutch defenders of 1940, but im after really an idea of how many pillboxes/casements were at Grave Bridge. Maps show 2, but 1944 accounts say Germans built flak towers on top of casements, which if they did are totally in the wrong place.

Need to know if the Dutch had any casemates on the bridge approach itself? Which might have been removed post-war. A long shot but thanks for the offer.
Scarletto, reading this thread reminded me that you wanted sight of my grandad's citation for his part in the push through at the Silk Factory in Arnhem 1944. I know it's slightly off thread, but I thought others may find it interesting. Suffice to say, I am very proud of him.

Lucky Chuck - Pte (ACpl 4805155 Charles Hubert CROSS, A Coy, 4 LINCOLNS.

At Arnhem, on 13 Apr 45, Cpl CROSS was in command of the point section of A Coy in their advance to a crossroads in the northern part of the town.

The enemy were holding strongpoints in a series of houses along the route. As each of these were encountered, a plan had to be made to deal with it before the advance could continue. In a series of model actions, planned and carried out entirely on his own initiative, Cpl CROSS charged and captured each strong point.

By his skilful siting of his Bren and his spirited leadership of the assault party in each case, Cpl Cross led his section forward without having to call on the support of the rest of the platoon, and so enable the coy to advance with the minimum of delay.

It was due to his personal disregard of danger, the determination with which he pressed his assaults, the enthusiasm with which he inspired his men, and the skill with which he summed up easch successive situation, that the coy captured its objective at light cost in casualties.

Grandad threw his MM in a drawer and never brought it out, and never claimed, or as far as I know, wore any other campaign medals during his life.

There were, of course, thousands like him, many of whom never had official recognition for their efforts. Such is the nature of war I suppose.

This post, in a little way, registers my admiration for what my grandad did, something I never got to tell him.

Ord Sgt, I haven't forgotten our beer in Arnhem in April. We'll drink to Charlie....
Marco, thank you very interesting and a well deserved award,certainly its forgotten about the fighting in Arnhem after the 'Bridge to Far' episode.

Thank you for sharing that.
Scarletto, bung me a PM with your email and I'll see what I can find out for you.

marco_poloroid, I've not forgotten either, I'm very much looking forward to it.


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