Hollaback Girl

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dr_Evil, Aug 18, 2005.

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  1. Gwen Stefani sings that she "ain't no Hollaback Girl".

    Can anyone tell me what this really means? I have a theory on what this song is about but I want to make sure there are no other, less naughty explanations.
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    She'd still get it, 35 year-old shit-fixated and skinny though she is (married as well).
  3. Vegetius you need to get out more :)

    isnt she gorgeous id do her!
  4. I'd crawl over broken glass to kiss Gwen Stefani's feet! She's my type of girly!
  5. Veggie, I admire your Googling skills. However, I think that there may well be another explanation.

    I'll second the emotion about Gwen's staggering hotness. A dirty, DIRTY girl.
  6. You would??

    Can I watch? Maybe even join in?? :D
  7. Can I video it??

    One way to pay off my mortgage!
  8. She's so chav and yet so hot. But, marvellously, looks fantastic in the video for "Cool", in the 1950s Italy stylee.

    God bless MTV.

    Anyway, time for my theory. I reckon it's all about not being quite so dirty as to be the kind of girl who will engage in action via the Khyber Pass. Too often.

    The evidence:

    (1) The lyrics in general (see below);
    (2) All these references to sh1t;
    (3) And bananas;
    (4) And the way the word "bananas" is spelled out "B ... A.N. ... A.N.A.S.", ie "be an anas" - yeah, I know the spelling isn't quite right but it's not allowed to be that obvious;
    (5) And finally: "hollaback" equal "hollow back" equals "open rear".

    I'll get my coat ...

  9. I think you're grasping at straws there Dr_Evil but I like the way your mind works!!
    She wasn’t always a chav. I remember when Gwen Stefani was a very hot alternative rocker, now she’s a very hot chav… shame.
    Oh well, either way I’d give her something to choke on.
  10. Yes, also note the 4 jap girlies in the vid, who as a nation are famous for their anal antics.
  11. RTFQ


    <Shakes head warily>
    If any of you were as street as I am, or even half as street as a Mormon 'Family prayer chalice' seller for that matter, you would know that Hollaback girl means a slut, a girl willing to be treated as a random sex object. It is a silly little white girl's missunderstood take on a black/ghetto/straightoutacompton mid-coitus phrase: "Holla back girl" (i.e.: scream like you want it young lady). When you have witnessed as much porn as I, you will know it is used often in some of the more inter-ethnical videos from the "Backbreakers" series.

    Ginster Fanny may be making a comment on Ms Love's sluttish behaviour to the press and the more salubrious elements in pop music (you know the ones who give devil rock salutes to stadia filled with thousands of bouncing 12 year old girls), but there are two fundamental problems with her declaration: "I ain't no hollaback girl!" Three, in fact as it's terrible english. 1)She is not from the ghetto, she lives in a mansion in 90210 surrounded by japanese girl servants (so do I, in my head) and a toy poodle named Mr Flips. 2) she has famously shagged everyone in No Doubt, her manager and her promo rep. Her fecking everything that moved caused the band to crumble - no bad thing, although It's my Life was a good cover and Don't Speak was acceptable in a sort of "I'm sat here sharpening my fish gutting knife waiting for the girl who just dumped me to come out of Prontaprint" sort of way.

    So in conclusion, she is, indeed the kind of girl who "hollas back."

    I still would though.
  12. Er ... RTFQ, I'll take that as confirmation of my theory.

    Don't make you my beeyatch, though, dog.
  13. RTFQ


    I don't know what her sh1tting bananas have to do with anything though. I did that after a dodgy bunch of fyffes bought from the Nisa in aldershot and it was no singing matter, believe me.

  14. what like a b. a. n. a. n. a perhaps? :D