Holidaysforheros "Flying Soldiers"

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by vandyke, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. A well read copy of "Flying Soldiers"
    This book accompanies the BBC television series which followed course 354 as they attempt to become extremely rich and handsome.

    This book has been read many times and there is only so many times you can look at pictures of pilots before the urge takes over, so it's not Immaculate but still in servicable condition

    Auction ends 6pm Friday 17th
    Money to the Holiday fund

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  2. I'll kick off £10
  3. Ends tonight
  4. £15
  5. If it helps, I could try and get the members of 'Hollywood Course' to sign it? There are still a couple knocking around who aren't either flying drugs out of Bogotá or doing a ten stretch in the Scrubs.
  6. Their signatures would only de value it :D

    JLC however, get him to sign it with 'I FAILED' and I'll cough £30
  7. Lol. That should be easy enough. I could get him to sign lots of other things entitled 'I FAILED' on too. :D
  8. Last Bump
  9. 10 Minutes
  10. Sold to Chris951 for £15
    Pm meyour details and I'll send it off
    Just make your payment to the fund