Many of you know what we are doing and support us, we have had a lot of uptake on our holidays already this year, in excess of 30 this year already.

I have just had confirmation of 2 ground floor apartments a few doors apart for the family of one of our sadly fallen.

MDN this is the family we have been discussing for a while

To all, your support for this cause is greatly appreciated
Had a nice email from the wee lad we sent to flying

Dear Chris,

I would just like to say another massive thank you for giving me a great experience and lots of fun when I was on holiday in London. It was a really big surprise when I went up for a flight with Lord flashheart himself and Colin and getting to sit inside an apache. I loved your digs about Flash and Dave and the ginsters pie drop! I look at my videos and pictures everyday and can't take off my uniform because I love it that much. The trip home was good and I hope your journey home was relaxing and Dave didn't have too many digs at you, or you having too many digs about pilots!

I miss all the guys and you, thanks for everything. Door gunners are more handsome and cooler than pilots



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I would like to add a well done to all the organisers and the people behind the scenes of this super project. All of you working long hours, making it possible for Service families to have a well needed holiday.

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