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Holidays4heroes (update and fresh scrounge)


War Hero
Apologies for lack of updates this last month or two its been busier than ever, booking holidays for broken soldiers, sorting out blokes who need a legs up, assisting widows (non sexually) and generally working 19 hour days.

This next week or two is the last time I can book flights at seriously discounted prices, after that they rocket and triple in price.

I haven't got a specific stand alone case I can use to guilt trip you into lobbing in a couple of quid, all are equally deserving. Some need more assistance than others, some can cover their own air fare, some of the younger lads with families simply haven't got it and need a leg up.

Triple and double amputees, blind, severe blast injuries, deafness you name it, we'll have it walking round le torre frightening the locals with your help.

if you are going to launch us a couple of quid, could you please use the bank rather than paypal, because we aren't a charity they are trying to back claim all the profits they have lost from money being gifted (Please don't kick off with them, we think there is an amicable settlement on the horizon, but at the minute we can't use paypal)

HSBC: Holidays4heroes
Sort: 40-12-09
Acct: 41416081

Apart from the holidays, so far already this year we've housed 3 street bound ex servicemen, stopped four repossessions, provided financial assistance for 14 families all worthy of receiving a kindly leg up.

Also possibly looking for a couple of volunteers to drive a vehicle from Middlesborough to Spain some time back end of April....... PM me if you are up for it. IF not, me and Stella will be getting our slag outfits on again and doing it for cash.
OK, you can have the money for the coke but I'm keeping the hookers.
I may be able to help with driving (depends on whether or not my partner in crime is up for a road trip), and of course the dates.



I can do that. Just let me know the dates.
When someone gifts money through Paypal they pay the charges (unless they are a mega Paypaller in which case they get some gratis 'Gifting' limit).

Why are Paypal trying to claw back fees they will already have had?

Is it because they are based in Ireland and the Country is almost Bankrupt?



No she can't she's a fablon biff chit but I can! PM me if you need me, only too happy to help out, in a frock or not.

I'll be sitting down, stupideenie, listening to Wham.

Oh, and you are too fat to fit in a car seat.

PG, you have my number. I am not a world away from Middlesbrough.

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