Holidays4heroes (Special Reconnaissance Regiment)

10 year single malt Glenmorangie.

Bottle, not labelled but engraved with the badge of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment.

Unfortunately the picture doesn't do it justice.

Bid away please folks, auction ends 19:00hrs Monday 22nd
I'll bid £95 on it myself!

I'll put some better pics up later
SkiCarver said:
hey AJ, how's it going fella?

Alrite Ski, not bad mate, not good either ......

120 pounds for this fine un waltish engraved bottle

must be real if its engraved.......
Endex on this one moved to 19:00hrs wednesday

PM bid for £140 on the table
Forgot to close this off last night.

Sold for £170 to an anonymous yet apparently non walty member :D

cough another £30 or I will out you
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