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I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread in which any feedback/progress for Holidays4Heroes could be posted, instead of on the latest begging thread and conceivable being missed by many.

I'd also like it to be a thread expressing appreciation for MDN, SpanishDave, blue_sophist and all the others who work tirelessly to keep things going, on top of their day jobs.

As such, I'd like to be the first to say that I've only the very highest respect and admiration for all those concerned with the organisation, co-ordination etc of this quite incredible effort.

Well done indeed, fellas. :D :D :D

Fecking AAA scores all round for the Troops and MDN et al. I mean REALLY WELL DONE.

Slainte Mhar :twisted:


C'mon, now! Do none of youse fellas want to say thanks to MDN, SpanishDave and all the rest, like? Sure they've carried out a bostin' govvnie an' no mistake! So let's hear a big hand for them here!

OK Bugsy, I'll bow down to your demands......

extremely well done to blue_sophist, spanish_dave and MDN for all the efforts over the last year or so.....

now all we need to do is turn the "watchers" into "givers"

There are a few that simply cough up without posting, I do try to thank everybody individually by email or PM but often its difficult, sometimes I think its insulting to send a blanket 'Thankyou' response.

If I don't respond, its not because we are ungrateful or have become complacent, its because I'm wankered on Warsteiner bought with your money......... Clearly I'm joking, I drink Becks :D

We've got some real heavyweights behind us now and am pretty sure Holidays4heroes will still be around in a couple of years and am 100% confident that as an organisation we'll have a couple or more permanent residences overseas for the soldiers and veterans that need it most.

The past four months, probably longer if honest have been full time on this, an indication is that in 13 months my smallest phone bill has been £263 (only £52 of that was on w@nk lines).... Equate that into time and its a bucket full.

I just wish I could pass on the 'difference' this organisation makes to people, the look on peoples faces, the responses and changes in tones in voices over the phone when the 'QRF' part of H4H kicks in.... to say its rewarding is an understatement.

Bottom line is folks, my job is pretty easy and if 100% honest one of the most rewarding things I've done (Apart from poking Beverly markham when I was 22 :D. that was a bit better) to date. None of anythign thats happened could ever have got off the ground without the decent and giving , considerate and caring nature of some of the members of this site.... I know a few who on more than one occasion have offered their last.

I often whine and gripe about the NAAFI bar, but Hols4heroes is a product of that, to press we've yet to turn anyone away or been unable to help..... So perhaps the NAAFI bar isn't that bad.

Spanish Dave, B_S, Meridan and a handful of others really put in the extra mile, of their own free will, often having to put up with my bad temper, pants attitude and demanding nature.... I hope they understand how grateful I genuinely am and how valued they are and how fcuked I'd be without them.

Group hug and cyber back slapping all round, lets get back to work and lets not get into a position where we've got to turn someone away.

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