Holidays4Heroes: Proper Websters Car Up For Grabs.

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by The_Snail, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. There is currently a shite old K Reg Renault Clio sat on my drive. It's been there for ever. I am not the owner of it, and apparently Barathul said he would buy it, but that would have meant meeting me and some old bollocks about "No Money".

    Bearing in mind that they are giving vouchers for £2k to get a,new car, is anyone willing to splash out some of their pocket money to get it off my drive?

    Can we start the bidding at £500?

    The only catch is, you have to get the keys off me.......
  2. OK, I bumped that deliberately with a change to the title. The money is not for me, it's for MDN's Hamster Fund, and after no-one coughing up for it, I have decided to turn it into a "Sports Car" for the person who owns it and is very kind to my dog. So if no-one wants it, that's what will happen.

    What you have to bear in mind is, I intend to do it with a chainsaw/garden clippers/whatever I can find - and we all know what happened last time I was set loose with an electrical sharp item ARRSE Gardening Club

    I will, of course, be turning it into a "soft top" first.

    Your choice ladies and gents.......

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