Holidays4heroes fundraising calendar for 2010

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by JodieGasson, Sep 5, 2009.

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  1. Hi All

    Just a quick note to say I'm back and to let you know that we have a photoshoot arranged for next Saturday for our Holidays4heroes fundraising calendar.

    Most of the work has been done behind the scenes by my mum Dizzy and our photographer Anthony Milner whos brother is a fellow Arrser, but between us all we have found a group of girls who should look even more fantastic by the time it's all over and in print.

    So far everyone has given their time for free and at present no costs have been incurred, one of the top nightclubs in Brighton has granted us permission to shoot in their club and has asked for nothing in return.

    We will make sure we take a few behind the scenes snapshots of the day and will update you as soon as we can after the event.

    Just wanted you to all know that while we have been fairly quiet on the subject a great many things have been happening offline. :D

    Jodie x
  2. Nice one, there's a whole heap on competition out there SWAGS etc...maybe we should've bucked the trend and gone for a 'fat birds calendar' for all the Arrse feeders.......Moi on le front page naturellement :D looking forward to the finished product!!
  3. I still say we should have gone for Men of ARRSE calendar
  4. im up for that!! get my man boobs out for the lasses lol!!

  5. bugger off...... you're on fb! You've seen the state of 'em.....hetero-tigers to a man! NOT!! :D
  6. Competition is always going to be a problem but if we can keep costs to a minimum then the more money we can generate for holidays4heroes even from small sales.

    Dizzy said she will happily conduct any auditions for the men of arrse, maybe you can assist her bigbird? :D

    Seriously it's not a bad idea but how many men on here have the nerve to do a calendar and do we have enough people interested to buy it? :roll:
  7. i think a tasteful men of arsse calender could work!!
    black and white photograghs of course!
  8. The village were my Aunty lives did a very tongue in cheek male calendar, all shapes and sizes it sold very well, I was also being serious when I think a similar one would work well for ARRSE fundrasier
  9. only if we can send one to the P***e :D
  10. count me in then!!

    i volunteer to be cameraman too as ive just spent 800 quid on a new camera ! unless one of you fine woman folk want to take the pics lol ! :)
  11. ok, well I'm off to work now, but I will get Dizzy to pass the idea onto Ant this week and maybe we can do a male one after we have sorted the girlie one out.

    Although considering the tight schedule we are on at the moment maybe it would be better to take our time on the male one and do it for the following year?
  12. Here is a copy of examples of pictures from the Calender in question


  13. Womps, I don't fancy yours much!!!!!
  14. Sheesh're getting damn fussy :D
  15. It was a sad day when June ended and I had to turn over the page :lol: