Holidays4Heroes Bar needs decorating

Right here's the score

PG wants to decorate the local bar in downtown Espania with a load of old military shite so that the monopeds and crips feel at home.

To that end he needs you to venture into the attic and dig out any old shite you have such as Regt plaques, pictures, stolen signs, rocket launchers and machine guns and send them to Spain so he can stick them on the wall.

He also needs soiled shreddies and photos of ugly women for his authentic 'Pig Board' and any old combat clothing that has that genuine musty clothing store smell.

No turds though as the jiffy bag goes soggy

So, dig it out, wrap it up and send it second class to Hamster Boy.

A free Hols4H bottle opener for the best and worst gizzit. Post here what you are sending.

I'm going to make up an authentic toy IED for the kids sandpit!
The missus has just got the painters in, so I could send a pair of her soiled shreddies.

You could even pass them off as a px4 with a couple of holes in that's been used for a casevac...
Do we get a little plaque acknowledging our contribution, like they do at museums? I want recognition for my useless tat

Also an address might help

I suspect . .

Inglés sexual desviada
la mazmorra de la depravación
La Torre

might not be that easy to find?

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