Holidays4Heroes Babes Callender Auction Feb 2009

Today I recieved two calenders kindly donated & signed by model Holly Maguire.
So how much am I bid?? Tenner to open? :D
Come babes on your wall with the knowledge that what you paid for it has gone to something worthwhile.......
Ahhh...Ya will...Go on....

When do you want to close this off?

(click on images for bigger view)

Set of sticky zaps;
I think we'll close the calender auction on 25th Feb at 1200Hrs.
Send the doh thru to MDN marked 'H4H Calender' & I'll get the calenders sent out to the winning bidders on the following Monday & I'll notify them by PM.
BFPO winner's I'll send by internal mail.
MDN,That OK with you?
rebel_with_a_cause said:
spike7451 said:
Right cunto's! Get bidding!
I'll even thro in some porn DVD'S if that'll help?!
No if you do that my wrist will be in even more danger of overuse.

We'll throw in a tube of Deap Heat & a support bandage then,hows that for service.
(How about we throw in Chubb's as well? :twisted: )

Well today I have recieved another packet of two calenders signed from Holly,this time her own Official 2009 Calander,so thats more for your generous peeps to bid on!!!
So dig deep,Auction closes on 25th feb

So far we have 4 bids for 4 calenders...
Spanish Dave £20
tiger stacker £30
Diplomat £50
rebel_with_a_cause £40 (plus comp deap heat)
Any more....Thes lots of lads out there who are needy!
Ok this one is closed now.

Cheers for all bids, now pay up you slags and get your details off to Spike and he'll forward your smut :D

Spanish Dave £20
tiger stacker £30
Diplomat £50
rebel_with_a_cause £40
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