Holidays4Heroes Auction - Veteran Bear needs a home

Some of you might not know about the ARRSE WW tours.
Let me tell you they are fantastic and you shouldn't miss to come along one day. :)

Anyway, sometimes you find 'persons' in need for help. So did we on the last tour in March.
Here he is, a Veteran Bear, who needs a home and would be grateful if someone could find a little corner for him.
He's a British WW2 teddy bear wearing full uniform jacket and peaked hat but doesn't even remember his name.
He's wearing a couple of nice medals though. ;)

Here are some details:
a 'Tommy Bear' (Fine gifts inspired by the past) about 9" standing, and 7" sitting.
Tag reads 'Tommy Bear - Fine gifts inspired by the past.
This high-ranking military bear dressed for battle in a peaked cap and smart uniform is inspired by British army officers of the Second World War.

We can't make him wait longer than a week to finally find a good home.
So, bidding will end on Tuesday 12th of May at 2200.
(Just to make sure, this is GMT. :D )

I'm sure you all know that there is always an urgent cause.

So keep the ball rolling, guys. :)
florence said:
Grandsons first birthday coming up so £60
Flo, I'm so glad it's you outbidding Tickles this time. He just really isn't putting his heart into it is he?????

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