Holidays4Heroes Auction - two tiny bears need a home

As you can see, they are too small to be of any help so far. So we will auction them to a good home.

They are the 'result' of an 'Ypres tour'.
MCpl Amy Soldier and either WO2 Hamilcar or Sgt Braille are somehow involved in their existence.

This is what they look like:

Here are some details:
Two sweet little soft sitting Teddy Bears.
One with green 'ARMY' top and one with blue 'ROYAL NAVY' top.
Tags reads 'Benjamin Smith Product, washable'.
7" high and looks new condition.

Let's say the auction will end in about a week.
Cause it's the Easter weekend, we'll choose Tuesday 14th of April 2200 to close the auction.

Dig deep, guys, you know you want to help!
Well, you only have yourselves to blame for not teaching them the bear necessities of life!! That bear will be in pieces before you know it!!!
YesItsMe said:
Well done, Tick. :thumleft:

Don't scare them off, already had to catch them again.

Is that your police car YIM? ;)

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