Holidays4Heroes Auction - "Chieftains" by Bob Forrest-Webb

Up for auction is the book "Chieftains" written by Bob Forrest-Webb. This book was almost compulsory reading (along with "Team Yankee" by Harold Coyle) in BAOR in the early/mid 1980's and there must be several people on here after a copy.

So here is your chance to get hold of a copy at a reasonable price and support a worthwhile cause – Holidays4Heroes - at the same time.

(They typically go for around £50+ a pop on t’interweb)


Chieftains is a frighteningly
authentic novel of the invasion of
Europe by the Russian & Warsaw
Pact armed forces seen through the
eyes of the fighting men on the

In particular it tells the story of the
crew of Bravo Two, a Chieftain
main battle tank of the British 4th
Armoured Division as they face the
onslaught of the soviet armour
onto the killing zones of the
German Plain.[/align]


Shall let this run until Midnight 17th April 09.
I'll start you off with 20 fine, but devalued, English pounds. :D


Sorry, removed my bid as I already have a copy!! Never read it!

Will do now though.
PrinceAlbert said:
Sorry, removed my bid as I already have a copy!! Never read it!

Will do now though.
Then get the thing on here and auction it off - like rocking horse dung this book. :wink:

'cos it's Friday afternoon and I can.

Oh yes, a copy has just come up on Amazon for £45 plus P&P - talk about providing a public service!
B U M P ...... get back up there!
Quick bump before I head off to the Lake District to do a few days walking ..... minus a bear!!

Amy hasn't arrived and Dozy may be getting shouted at. :oops:
Back to work B U M P
On £58.50 so far ....... finishes midnight tomorrow ......
And the winning bid is .....

02FD32 said:
Well done fella. PM me with mailing details and as soon as MDN gives me the nod I shall get it in the post.

Given my current success with bears and the postal service I'll probably send it registered or the like!
Fook me Biff i must have been pissed.!!!

Money on it's way Shortly appologies for the delay.. been away in sunny Shanghai..

Will read it again and re auction in the future..

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