Holidays4Heroes Auction - 1920 edition "The Meaning of Socialism"

Hardback. Came into my possession lately, of historical interest, personally signed (in black ink) by Katherine Bruce Glasier (née StJohn Conway) to Comrade Pomeranz September 5, 1920.
Second impression printed by The Labour Press.
Preface by J Bruce Glasier (September 1919), introduction by J A Hobson MA.

The spine has been repaired and the book is covered with (sticky backed) plastic film for protection.

Not bad condition for it's age - still eminently readable (whether or not one agrees with the content.

A must for all the socialists/Marxists :excited: on the site (dig deep Ashie and Sven :) ).

Biographical Note

"...many thousands must have made their first contact with Socialist principles through the writings and speeches of the Glasiers" (Labour Party pamphlet: Introducing Labour's Special Campaigners)

John Bruce Glasier (1889-1920) and Katharine StJohn Conway (1867-1960, later Katharine Bruce Glasier) were pioneers of the British Socialist movement. They were both involved in the formation of the Independent Labour Party in 1893 as a union of Labour and Socialist organisations with the aim of promoting Labour candidates for Parliament; and it was through this involvement that they met, and married, in 1893.

John Bruce Glasier (more generally known as 'Bruce Glasier') was born in Glasgow, the son of a farmer and cattle dealer of militant atheist beliefs, and was apprenticed as an architectural draughtsman. His early political career favoured non-pacifist and non-parliamentary socialism: he took an active part in the Irish and Highland Land League agitations; was a founder member of the first Scottish Social Democratic organisation in 1884; and formed with Andreas Scheu and James Mavor branches of the Socialist League in Glasgow, Edinburgh and other Scottish towns, being secretary of the Glasgow branch for over six years. He became a member of the Independent Labour Party at its formation in 1893, and was a member of its National Administrative Council from 1896-1909 and 1910 until his death and chairman of the I.L.P. from 1900-1903. He was an ardent believer in International Socialism, serving as national I.L.P. delegate at many of the International Socialist Congresses, and remembered by Jean Longuet as "one of the most radiant figures in the International Socialist movement" (in Labour Leader 17 Jun 1920)

A powerful speaker and a prolific journalist for the cause, he served as editor of the Labour Leader (1904-1909) and the Socialist Review (1913-1916); edited a book of Socialist Songs, and the Socialist Year book from 1911-1913; and wrote during his last illness The Meaning of Socialism and William Morris and the Early Days of the Socialist Movement. After his death in 1920 he was remembered as "an apostle of Socialism" (Francis Johnson in Labour's Northern Voice) and "the greatest of the Socialist evangelists" (William Stewart in the Glasgow Evening Times 22 Mar 1935

Katharine StJohn Conway was the daughter of an Essex Congregationalist minister, and after reading Classics at Newnham College, Cambridge became a school mistress at a Bristol high school. She was attracted to Socialism by a demonstration of striking women cotton workers during a church service she was attending, after which she gave up her high school job to teach at an infant's school in a deprived area of Bristol; became a member of the Bristol Socialist Society and then the Fabian Society, and took to public campaigning for the Socialist cause. She was one of the committee of six which convened the 1893 Bradford conference that brought the Independent Labour Party into being, and a member of its first National Administrative Council.

Throughout her life she campaigned vigorously as an inspirational orator, writer and journalist for the Labour movement; her career included editorship of the Labour Leader (1917-1921); involvement in the formation and administration of the Women's Labour League; pioneering public-speaking and writing for a number of social causes, amongst them the introduction of pithead baths for miners, National Old Age Homes, provision of school meals for children of the poor, and the campaign for municipal nursery schools - Fenner Brockway, M.P., wrote of her life "there are few who during this century have contributed so much to social well-being" (North of England Home Service broadcast, 17 Jan 1951). At the time of her death at the age of 82 in 1950 she was affectionately referred to as the "grandmother of the British Labour movement
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