Holidays4heroes (April)

Hi Chris

Here is some background on x***** ******, the client we spoke of earlier tonight.

Service No: 24*******
Royal Artillery
03/09/75 to 28/10/82.....transferred to
Royal Horse Artillery
Discharge 30/08/83
Age 49

Verified at APC Historic Disclosures 17/03/09.

I first heard of ****** story when it was featured in the ***** Evening Courier at the beginning of February. Having contacted the editor, details of how to get in touch with SSAFA were passed on to him. We have been in touch with each other since then, though the case was passed over to the ***** Branch to deal with.This has taken a little longer than I would have liked for them under their circumstances.

E****** and his wife came back to UK in November 2008, after living in Crete for two years working for himself. His business failed last summer, and their home was repossessed as they were unable to keep up with their mortgage payments. Having no money and nowhere to live, they had to come back home. Initially, they are sleeping in their car,and the children are with with relatives. Their furniture, belongings and much of their paperwork are in storage in Crete.

They have been unable to receive any assistance from the DWP (despite applying for Income Support within the first month), until they have proved their "Right to Reside", and so cannot be given benefits or social housing. Their only source of income is ****** small monthly military pension, and as ***** is older and of retiring age, her state pension of £98 per week.They have been looking for privately rented accommodation, and hope they have now found a suitable property. If this is the case, then they will be given help with the bond and rent in advance once the paperwork is completed and passed through SSAFA and TRBL. ****** has been looking for work, and has now found a job which he will be starting shortly, though it means being away from home for periods of time.

Since arriving back in England, they have met with a catalogue of misfortune. Not the least of which, was the fact that they were both suffering from depression due to their extreme circumstances, and lack of state help or support. ******* became ill and had to undergo tests on his kidneys and liver. ***** also fell ill, and was finally diagnosed at the beginning of March with Cancer in her left breast. She had a Mastectomy last week and is still recovering.

I'm not sure Chris, what, if anything, can be done to help them whilst SSAFA is trying to put things in place....but I hope this little bit of information regarding their case will be of some use. Please contact me if further details are needed.

Thanks once again for your kindness, in everything that has been done to help my clients.

Best regards

7 years service including Banner and Corporate.

Its a given that we'll send them on holiday, however there are more pressing things to hand. I'll work with Phil to get him a place to stay, SSAFA and RBL will provide bond etc.

I've emailled the case worker to tell them there is a freebie trip to the sun available.

Standby for more details on how we can help, one thing is sure though, we'll need some sponds!!!

I've moved the charity auction stuff into the charity auction forum, please use it. If you have anythign that may be of interest to someone else and you want to flog it, offer it up for auction please do it.

This bloke is kipping in his car with his wife who's just had a mastectomy...... Not any more! That changes tonight.


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Royal Artillery and RHA..... this is one of yours.... lets have you :D


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Bump, and Chris, I'll send a bit extra this month.


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Usual electronic transfare made. will be with you shortly.


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Bank transfer made this a.m. Not a lot, but every little helps.
This case worker involved is spot on, Chris and I have both spoken to him, he is 100% committed to supporting his case load, and we are too, we do though need your support.
Beer tokens will be on the way later tonight fella. Best wishes to him and his wife.


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I am a bit skint at the moment but you can have some of my pension. If only the 'watchers' would chip in this could be squared away tonight.
Feck me MDN - me internet wouldn't work, me PIN sentry wouldn't work and I've drunk more cheap Latvian Vodka (3 litres for 6 Euros) than you could wave a sh1tty stick at - anyways - JOB DONE!

I'm off to the MILF thread 8)


Sounds like a tight spot somewhat, hope things start to pick up for them.

£5 sent.

Best Wishes from a fellow soldier if you're reading mate :)
Giz a lift kindly folks, and cnuts :D


Lift from kindly cnut on it's way.
I think funds are on the way, paypal seems to have had a fit whilst I was moving money about, so standby till tomorrow and I'll check again!

If you've received funds I'd appreciate a response so I can be sure! May have just lost some money to cyberspace.....


PPM* inbound.

I had a jolly nice chat with the chap from HSBC too (I should have had Sparky to translate for me) whose brother is RAF and other brother was in the RHF and he had heard of Help for Heroes but not Holidays4Heroes, so I made him get a pen....

He is going to pass the website on to his manager and get them involved too. I didn't even have to twist his arm - he asked me for all the details and kept me on the phone for about 15 minutes. "This call is being recorded Mrs Dale so if I miss anything, I can just recall it". He's off to an internet cafe when he finishes his shift to look it all up.

Nice one HSBC!!!!!

P.S. I am not in the mood to chinese burn people, or pinch the dog's ears - so get your hands in your pockets and dig out your looseys. It could be you one day.

*Pip's pocket money.


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