Holidays4heroes (another january plea)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Jan 18, 2009.

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  1. With yer wallets, get yer hankies out.

    Widow and two children, had to let out their own home on the outskirts of a garrison town and return to her more familiar home town to be with family after an incident which took two soldiers lives in Iraq sometime last year.

    The children, 8 & 4 still stay in bed with mum, as they are frightened someone will take her away too.

    Her father and mother gave up their jobs in order that they care for the kids and assist in the costs of day to day living, whilst assisting with the widows difficulty in coming to terms with her loss.

    I've been on the phone to the widow for an hour this morning, she misses him, not only as her husband, dad to the kids but also as best mate and life companion. To say I was in bits when the phone went down is an understatement.

    I think Dave has managed to box us off accommodation, and there is a couple of quid left over from the last plea....... and is therefore a perfect candidate for the Holidays4heroes scheme.

    I'd like to send both families from this incident over at the same time, the kids all know each other and haven't seen each other since they moved home a couple of weeks after the funerals.

    I'd also, if possible raise the plane fayre from NI to the UK so that she and the kids can visit the grave, they have been unable to since.

    I've probably got a touch too involved in this one, and I'm possibly asking too much, if thats the case, I understand and I will make alternate arrangements for this, but if anyone is in a position to cough up a couple of quid then the difference this would make is unexplainable.

    Amounts to be confirmed, but for everything, I reckon we are looking at £12-1400. A tall order, however we have two or three weeks to do it.


    Bank Payment: HSBC

    Sort code: 40-12-09
    Account No: 41416081
  2. What is the account name for the HSBC account, I'm assuming holidays4heroes but can you confirm?
  3. Confirm the above question and I'll put my hand in my pocket no problems.
  4. A few more pennies via paypal.
  5. I'll square that away tomorrow. Thanks.
  6. I'm just after buying my first Sgt Slingsby badge.
  7. I've just whacked a fiver across online, as I understand that a steady trickle of small amounts is what drives this fund.

    Now I'll get back to my usual Sunday routine of biting the heads off live chickens... 8)
  8. bunged some cash in via the Holidays4heroes site (transaction ending 203)

    nice work chris!

  9. MDN you are better at getting money out of me than my ex-wife and she was good.

    Paypalled 3 minutes ago.
  10. I give a better blowjob too.......... but that'll cost you more :D
  11. I've got a tingle that I know I shouldn't have :p
  12. Paypal e-cheque sent.

    Will you let us know closer to the deadline if more cash is needed? I'm sure I can bung some more cash over if needs be.

  13. money sent via paypal.

    hope you reach the target.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.