Holidays4heroes 22 SAS red wine

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22 SAS Sgts mess Red wine (Merlot)

Anyone wanting to bid but not wanting to appear walty can PM me.
Do THEY really have that label on THEIR Mess wine? What type of Merlot? How old? Where from? Or is that all uber secret?
its a Chilean Merlot
£30, even though I hate red wine, my mrs likes it :)

And I mean red wine before some gobsht starts ;)
Its not bad either, although Ive not had any of the Them labelled wine, a unit I was at a while back used the same stuff.
If we can get the bids to £100 on this I'll get it delivered to Bob Spour :D
£40, only because I don't want gren to get it.

I don't think I want to watch him trying to get Jarrod drunk on it
50 quid, but its not for me you understand its for a mate
Will call endex on this at 19:00 this evening
Won by Prince albert £80


Mighty_doh_nut said:
Won by Prince albert £80
Splendid, money on it's way. Can you PM me the new accout please, or I'll mong it and send to the old account again.
Sort: 40-12-09
Acct: 41416081

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