How do they work in the army?

I know you can't just book time off whilst on operation etc.. Booking 2 weeks off to go to the bahamas whilst your fighting the Afghans isnt gonna happen :)

But when you are training etc, can you book time off? Or do you just get time off at certain points that sums up to the 6 weeks per year?
It all depends who you work with.

Normally if you are in a Bn, you will take block leave, i.e. 2 weeks for Easter, 2 weeks for Summer and 2 weeks for Xmas. If you work in an HQ for example, you can take it whenever you wish.

I'm quite lucky, I work 2 weeks solid, then 2 weeks off every month.

Oh, by the way, it's called leave not holidays!
You will deal usually with your Troop CSgt/SSgt. Your weekends will be your own unless your needed for something. Its a 2 way street however, help out the boss when he needs volunteers for weekend duties etc and you have 1 in the bag for when you need it.

If you need a certain weekend off then tell in advance (a month before not the day before) and I'm sure they will make it happen (unless there is a big exercise or Unit event). Top tip dont be a whinger when it comes to leave/weekends.
trigger_uxb said:
Am joining the rifles so i will obviosly be taking block leave. what happens if I want a weekend off for a familly occasion?
Weekends are usually your own, unless you are on Exercise, Ops etc
I should hopefully pass out Dec 12th. I heard the christmas dates are Dec 19th-Jan 2nd.

I have 1 week at Deepcut to learn about my corps history, then 4 Weeks to learn about my trade etc.

Is it likely I'll do that one week then some leave, or will it most likely be put together so I wont have a leave whilst in phase two. Just wandering how it may work.
Deebee its too early to tell unless a phase 2 instructer pops on here to give a heads up. Chances are it will run concurrently but dependant on instructers/classrooms etc there could be a break between each module.

Going by your dates you most likely will either report at Deepcut on the 19th to go straight on block leave or just stay on leave until 2-5 Jan but until you get your assignment order its guess work.

Good luck
And RLC training has just been re-organised (in the last week). Dependant on your prospective trade, you may not go to Deepcut at all any more.

You will get time between Ph1 and 2 (unless there is a major rush to train you or a shortage of PH2 dates) and then as your Ph2 is only 5 weeks (some are 37+!!) you probably wont get leave in the middle of it. You will probably then get leave between Ph2 and reporting for duty at your first Regt.

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