Hi All Greetings from ex Navy Chief.
My Son passed out of CIC in October 07
He now with a Bat in UK.
He is coming home on Wednesday for "4 weeks" Leave. Is this normal at this time of the year ?. In my time in the "Navy" it was max "6 Weeks" spread out over the whole year dependant on Operations etc.
Wifee worried he aint telling us something!. Do please Do not give anything away security wise ....................but is 4 weeks leave normal at this time of the year ? Thank You all Good Lads & Gals in advance for any info. Best Regards. SAM
I've only ever had 2 weeks at Easter. The longest spell i've had off my leave card is 3 weeks in the summer. Has your Son returned from Op's, this would explain a lot as he would have aquired POTL days. That's not to say he can't take 4 weeks off though.

Hi Maroon thanks mate...........His Refles Regt returned from the Sandpit in that time he was rear party having just joined from CIC....just seems something fishy to me ?
Best regards

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