Holidays in the army

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Dreyes, Sep 5, 2011.

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  1. Ok i have a problem, iv got my two day at lichfield end of the month and i could start my training in october, i have a holiday booked from a friday to a tuesday in may, its one of my best mates stag does, what is the army like with holidays? i want to be in the army no question about that just want to know about holidays
  2. Depending on Ops the army is pretty good, especially if once in your working unit you get on with it and do well. Get the dates in with your new troop staffy and he will let you know if you can.
  3. Simply stated: the needs of the Army come first, which is why soldiers are strongly recommended to buy travel insurance, including cover for cancellation or re-booking. If you have finished all training, etc and are between courses, and you haven't annoyed anyone (so are not spammed for guard duty, ROPs, confined to camp, or on operations then very often the Army is sympathetic to a request for leave.

    If your date is outside of the planned unit 'block leave' then ask that you do some duties over block leave as a trade for getting permission to go on your holiday... aware that any such requests from soldiers are 1,000 times more likely to succeed if the soldier in question is a switched on lad (or lass) and isn't an admin case for the Chain of Command.
  4. Will i be in a unit by may? if i go in october? are you not allowed 21 days holiday in the army or something like that, i did find that information very helpful :) i just hope i can do this :)
  5. What are you joining as?
  6. If you've got a week off, you could spend 3 days of leave waiting for 216 Squadron to fly out a new steering wheel for the Tristar, get yourself home to see the wife and kids for half an hour and spend another 3 days at Gateway, sleeping on your bergen while they put new tyres on the replacement.

    Or you could go skiing and paragliding like it says in the brochure.
  7. You are allowed 21 days, but as stated before, the needs of the Army come first. If you are not on exercise or ops, then in theory it will be ok (someone feel free to correct me on this!)
  8. I will be joining as infantry and hopefully join the mercian 1 based in catterick
  9. I assume you are joining ITC then at Catterick so you will probably just have finished there prior to joining 1 MERCIAN (if you do). 1 MERCIAN could be on quite a lot of training if they deploy at the end of next year so to be honest, it will be difficult to say now what the score is. Once through Basic, you do get 37 days a year (including Public Holidays) and all advice above stands as how you best take that. Unfortunately you are probably giong to have to wait until April before you can say for sure.
  10. Don't run before you can walk......I would be very suprised you will get an October intake if not at ADSC until the end of September. If you did however with Xmas leave and Easter leave I wouldn't think you would of finished at ITC and driver training to be at your unit by May. Leave during tarining is very unlikely....your best bet is wait to see your IDST score if you pass at ADSC....then think to your self whats more important once you see where you are on the awaiting allocations list or joining the Army sooner. If the holidays more important then you can assess things and talk to your Recruiter giving him an EED Early enlistment date after the holiday and get your start date after your holiday
  11. Ok cool thanks for all your help i think i might have to pass on the holiday, i will speak to my recruiter tomorrow