Holidays for injured troops and families

The good news is that we have 14 weeks worth of holidays for injured troops at present, make that 15 as I just spoke to a neighbour here in Spain. Over the next week I am on a mission while in Spain to try and increase up to at least 20 :D
That's a great offer for the blokes Dave.

By the way i cut my finger chopping an onion yesterday as thus i am injured. Can i have two weeks in the Costa Del sol please? :)
The good news is I have just been given 2 weeks in a penthouse with its own hot tub which has put us up to the 20 weeks now, I will be discussing with Help for Heroes next week to get guys out there to relax and wind down with their freinds and families 8)
21 weeks better than I thought or expected, is there anyone on here that has been wounded in action, the first one to let me know their details can have a week the remainder are going to Help for Heroes and 2 regiments I have already spoken to
Cracking idea Dave. My parents have a place in Murcia and I will ping them to see when its empty and hopefully be able to offer you some more places.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am struggling here, I now have 24 weeks of holiday accommodation in Spain and I have filled around 6, this is a genuine offer and I hope that you do not feel I am a do gooder, I served for 24 years and I am trying to give something back, if you have been wounded in action or you know someone who has then please let me know. crow_bag if you want a week it is yours, Mr Pun VC, your solicitor has not replied to me.

CO's could you please spread the word


Dave :D

Spanish Dave has got some great offers of help from villa owners here.

It would be a shame after all his hard work that the places weren't used. If they don't get used, I suspect they might not be offered so readily next time.

Please spread the word among your units & the charities you know.

Dave's a good bloke from a fine Regiment, even if he did once bill me for a trailing wire antennae. The bastard :D

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