Holidays for Heroes - The Future of Money - ends 25/10/10


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Another donation from those wonderful people at the Arrse Book Club. This is a paperback copy of 'The Future of Money' by Oliver Chittenden.

It's a series of essays from leading economists, bankers, business leaders and politicians on the current state of the world economy, the events that led to the financial crash and recession, and the way these events will shape the future. Put together by Oliver Chittenden from the London Speaker Bureau, this makes for fascinating "dip-in" reading.

The auction will end at 1800 on 25th October, and includes the cost of postage to the winner. Proceeds will go to Holidays for Heroes.
"An absorbing collection of reflections on the great crisis by precisely the people whose views you'd want to read' - Niall Ferguson

The state of the global economy affects every single one of us. With economic growth threatened by financial regulation and the East and West at competitive odds, the real solutions to global recession can only come through international co-operation. Featuring World leaders, Nobel Prize-winning economists, award-winning writers and opinion formers The Future of Money brings together the finest thinking to suggest solutions to this global predicament. The Future of Money breaks free from old ideas to new provide new strategies for success by drawing on our real future strengths: collaboration and global co-operation.

A great present for yourself or someone you like. :)


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Any bids for this fascinating tome?


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Just to bring some enlightenment to this particular book, this is a really good and interesting read. What the author (in fact Editor) has done is approached the most important and influential financial and economical minds in the world and asked them their take on the global financial meltdown (my word not his). He has done it in three ways; Past where he has picked up speeches and papers written prior to the events of the past few years, the same during the crisis and then contacted each of them to get their views on the way forward or how they see things in a few years time, so there are 3 views from each of the contributors.

Considering all that has happened in the financial world since the start of this millenium this is a good book to have on your shelve for delving in to now and again. This is a very interesting, and surprisingly easy to read, book. Have a look at the review written by Udipur here.


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Only one day left, folks.
Oh, well. If you insist, I'll bid a crisp fiver!

Congratulation, GRB !!

For £5 the book is yours.

Thank you for your everlasting support for Holidays4Heroes.

(And a BIG thanks to the kind ARRSEr who donated the item.

I'm sure you know where to transfer the money to, GRB.

And please place the book next to your favourite reading place then. :)

As this is one of the Arrse Book Club books, I need to get Auld_Yin to send it to me.

Once I've paid, of course!

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