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Holidays for Heroes - Mug depicting THAT Rifle - ends 17/5/13


Book Reviewer
Effendi the Magnificent has donated this mug, which as he say, is awesome in its awesomeness. You have to be careful when putting it down on the table in case you cause an earthquake. Any brew you put into it changes into a life changing, superhero making, wimmin trapping elixir, so potent that you need speshul permission and licences to sup it.

The auction will run until 1600 UK time on Friday 17th May 2013, and all proceeds will go to Holidays 4 Heroes. Postage is included in the price the winner pays.

With Fathers' Day just around the corner, and the Old'n'Bold wanting a reminder of their glory days, I hope this is going to make a lot of dosh for the Hamster Fund. Which is much-needed at present as the Summer Bookings are being made at a rate of knots.
As a quick follow on, I will have the Memsahib carefully pack it and pay for the postal cutter to deliver it to the homeland.
theres a law of supply and demand here that says "if you can get more of these ill pay for one and donate £20 to hols" and im sure i wouldnt be the only one !!


Book Reviewer
I shall follow up (through?) on that one oldmanron. Effendi has given me some top tips, and I'll try to get some organised in time for Weymouth/Tankfest.

Wait out, and thank you everyone for your bidding!

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