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With thanks to Smokerjim for the donation, this auction is for a hardback copy of the book “In Foreign Fields” which is 'a unique collection of medal-winners from Iraq and Afghanistan describing the actions which led to their awards. Modestly, often reluctantly, they tell what it's like in the heat of battle, when the lead is flying and death is staring you in the face. This is a moving, inspiring and gripping set of true stories from the very sharp end of modern warfare'. I have posted a link to the ARRSe Book Club Review to help you to spend your money!

The lot includes postage to UK or BFPO address.

The auction will run until
Wednesday, 27th March at 1600 hours (UK Time)

All proceeds to Holidays4Heroes.
By bidding or taking part in the auctions in any way, you agree to abide by the Auction Rules.​
go on then, i'll start you of at 20 quid


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Thank you kind sir.
A little bump with a book description that might help you to decide for this book. :)

Book Description

Publication Date: September 22, 2010
If you only read one book about our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, read this one.
A searing, jolting, action-packed series of 25 amazing tales of courage, by medal-winning soldiers, Royal Marines and RAF men in their own words.
These are the bravest of the brave, a collection of modest, honest, proud Brits who showed true grit when it mattered most.

Sgt Chris Broome CGC saved the life of Pte Johnson Beharry VC and others, and led his bayonet-wielding men in charges on heavily-defended enemy positions.

Sgt Terry Bryan CGC and his multiple were ambushed and fought a running battle through the streets of Basra for 45 minutes, pursued by hundreds of insurgents. They kicked their way into a house and held a mob of 200 at bay for three hours... until they were rescued by a QRF including Cpl Terry Thomson CGC. The QRF lost a man of their own and battled their way through to Bryan and his men with amazing bravery.

CSgt Matt Tomlinson CGC RM and Cpl Shaun Jardine CGC ran straight towards men with machine guns, ignoring a hail of fire to kill their attackers.

Pte Michelle Norris MC climbed up onto the top of a Warrior armoured vehicle, in the middle of a huge firefight, to save the life of her sergeant. Around 60 rounds were fired at her, some clipping her webbing or hitting the vehicle two inches from her body. (She remains the only woman to win the Military Cross.)

LCoH Andrew Radford CGC ran 70 metres through the Taliban's rocket propelled grenades and machine gun fire to rescue a terribly injured mate...then ran all the way back with him on his shoulders.

Lt Tim Illingworth CGC charged Taliban positions on his own, after the Afghan army men with him were killed or fled.

Flt Lt Matt Carter MC jumped out of a flying helicopter, at night, straight into a firefight with the Taliban, because his comrades were in trouble.

Lt Hugo Farmer CGC led his men through ferocious Taliban fire to recover the body of Cpl Bryan Budd VC.

This list goes on and on... astonishing stories by amazing people, of whom Britain should be tremendously proud.

From the elite shock troops of the Parachute Regiment and the Royal Marines, to heroes from other famous regiments like The Royal Anglians, The King's Own Scottish Borderers, The Royal Welch Fusiliers, The Life Guards, The Blues and Royals, The Queen's Dragoon Guards, The Queen's Royal Hussars, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, The Light Infantry, The Royal Horse Artillery, The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters, The Royal Logistic Corps, The Royal Engineers, The Royal Army Medical Corps, The RAF Regiment, and The Territorial Army, these are tales from the very sharp end of modern warfare.

The conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan may not enjoy popular support, but our soldiers - who do not have the choice of where and who they're fighting for - do.

Each day in these two countries is a desperate battle for survival against deadly and implacable enemy forces, and each day brings new acts of bravery, courage and self-sacrifice that seem to belong to a bygone age. These enthralling and captivating stories shine new light on our fighting men and women.

'Enthralling, awe-inspiring, untold stories' - The Daily Mail

'Excellent... simply unputdownable. Buy this book.' - The Sun

'Modesty and courage go hand-in-hand... an outstanding read.' - Soldier Magazine

'The book everyone's talking about' - News of the World

'Astonishing feats of bravery' - Independent on Sunday

'A book that was crying out to be written' - Defence Focus

'A remarkable book... an uplifting read' - Pennant

'Riveting and unique... magnificent. A book to savour.' - Dr Richard North, Defence of the Realm


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At £30 with U Boat. Any advance before the auction ends on Wednesday?
This auction ends at 1600 today. Any more bids please?
Congratulations and thank you fattwat

For £35 this lot is yours.

Thank you so much for supporting Holidays for Heroes.

Please transfer the money to:

Bank: Holidays4heroes
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Please PM me confirmation details of the payment and let me know where we should send the parcel.

If you’d like to use PayPal, please use shopgirl's account She will pass the money to us.

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