Holidays for Heroes at Tankfest 10 30th June and 1st July 2012


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As if Weymouth Veterans' Festival weren't enough, the following week 'Holidays for Heroes' is doing a fundraiser at Tankfest. This is the tenth Tankfest at the Tank Museum, Bovington, and they're planning for it to be extra specially brilliant.

We'll have our usual stall with tombola, branded goods, etc. and a collection of military books which have been donated by an ARRSEr.

If anyone would like to come along and help at the stall (less erection/dismantling, but just as much tea, cake and banter) you'd be very welcome.

Please add your name to the thread or PM me if you'd like to help.



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OK Folks, a small bump for the weekend ARRSErs and an update on helpers.

Last To Know plus 2 x Last To Know juniors.

This is a fab weekend with lots going on, and the atmosphere is excellent. Please volunteer if you can.


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Anyone else planning to visit Tankfest this year, and available to give us a hand? Even an hour will be a help, and cake is its own reward ...


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A small bump for the Horsa's No. One Fan. And anyone else who can spare an hour. Lemon Drizzle cake and Ginger Nuts will be on the menu, I think. Plus I've seen a recipe for a 'Union Flag' cake, which I may well make and ask punters to 'Guess the Weight' again.

Last To Know plus 2 x Last To Know juniors.

This is a fab weekend with lots going on, and the atmosphere is excellent. Please volunteer if you can.[/QUOTE]
Add Me and Fat_walt :eek:) for both days

Will also still have Sgt Braille if you want me to bring him :eek:)

Had this booked in my diary since the start of the year :eek:)



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Oh, excellent. Thank you. We can finalise arrangements regarding a certain 'other' cake whilst we're there.

I shall miss the smell of sherry and fruit whenever I open the dresser, but I suppose you must have it...


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All, Here is some information about Tankfest. Even if you aren't planning to help on our stall (just inside the foyer) you might like to plan a day out during the course of the weekend. This year there's a WW1 Tank Battle reenactment, including those new fangled (at the time) flying machines, plus a Tiger and a Black Prince running round the arena, and the mocked up Mark IV used in the film 'War Horse'. It really is a great day out for all the family.

Tankfest 10 - Bing Videos

Welcome to the Tank Museum - Home of the Tank - Tankfest 2012 – 10th Anniversary Show!

Volunteers so far:
Horsa's No 1 fan
Fat Walt
Last To Know plus 2 x Last To Know juniors
If you'd like to join us for a spell please add your name to the list.


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Nothing official yet HN1F and my head is full of next weekend's Weymouth Extravaganza.

For now, could you assume it will be 0830 as before? I can confirm that we have the same spot - first stall in the hall. Yayy!
OK, folks, the spotlight moves inland from Weymouth to sunny Bovington, and next week's tenth Tankfest Extravaganza.

The lovely people at the Museum let 'Holidays for Heroes' have a stall for free, and give us the prime pitch, first stall inside the main museum building.

This year we're allowed to start setting up on the Friday afternoon. I shall therefore declare 'Sports Afternoon' on Friday, finish work at lunchtime, and take the table, chairs, tablecloths, banner, etc. across the road and get it all rigged ready for Saturday.

If the volunteers who can be early birds would arrive at around 0830 (a lie-in after Weymouth, I assure you!) we should have plenty of time to set up and have first brews and cake scoffed before the punters start to arrive.

Trading goes on much later this year, as the stalls will be open to the re-enactors and other people on 'sleepovers' until around 1900. As we don't have to dismantle on the Saturday night, I'll stay as long as people are buying stuff; other volunteers , you know, the ones with lives, will be allowed home earlier. :)

HN1F I'll bring Amy, wearing her DPM but carrying her 'Mess Dress' ready for duties as Bridesmaid. Cpl Horsa and Sgt Slingsby will also be in attendance.

I am test driving a borrowed DSLR (that's a CAMERA, for the Old'n'Bold) but would appreciate photographic backup from someone who knows what they're doing please.

The stall will be selling 'Holidays for Heroes' and ARRSe t-shirts, second hand books, second hand CDs, 'Holidays for Heroes' keyrings, wristbands, fridge magnets, car stickers, and mugs. And of course there will be the 'Tombola for Mugs'. Sweets and lollies will be available for children as well as the usual stickers we give away. Those last two are courtesy of YesItsMe, who is with us in spirit, if not in person!

If anyone else can spare some time on either Saturday or Sunday, it will give the volunteers a break to go and look at tanky things (and listen to their engines!) and to try to spot our own dear Alfredo who will be driving one of the vehicles on the arena.

Please PM me if I've missed anything, or if you need anything to be clarified.

Thank you tar, as the Snail would say.
If I'm not there, come inside :)
I have a box of goodies for Grownup Rafbrat/HOLS4HEROS, but at the moment I am unable to get down to Sunny Dorset.

Is anybody going to Tankfest passing Milton Keynes (Junc 13, M1), and able to meet me and take it down on either Friday or Saturday.

Can possible meet on M40/A34 near Bicester or A5 etc.
DB216, looks like we'll collect those goodies later and use them in December. Thank you anyway.

Today I went and set up the tables, banner and signs ready for morning. Transferring the pics from my phone to here is proving beyond me technically, but I'll work on it shortly. We're in a slightly different position, next to the Fire Extinguishers, as there's now a cashpoint where our table usually is. That would have been one massive opportunity for Mr. Taff and his chugging lines!

I have the Traders' Passes for volunteers, who are: Alfredo, Horsa's No. 1 Fan, Fat_Walt, Grumblegrunt, Lastto Know and 2 x LasttoKnow juniors. Unfortunately shopgirl can't join us but she will be there in spirit.

Reading the rules, they want no movement of traders' vehicles after 0830, so could we please rv at 0815 in the car park? Trading may not start until 0900 so we'll have plenty of time to set up.

For those who haven't met me, I'm the tall one, wearing a 'Holidays for Heroes' t-shirt, and just for this weekend, will be talking in a very husky voice. Think Eartha Kitt singing Santa Baby.

Cakes are baked, floats are counted, car is loaded, bears have been fed extra honey. I just need to get the ARRSE t-shirts out of the loft and all is ready.

Think that's all. Think those who need it have my phone number. Think I'll need that day off I've booked on Monday!


The old man and I will be coming down tomorrow, probably won't make it till afternoon but willing to help out in any way we can. The old man's pretty handy with anything practical so anything we can do/bring, let us know. Cheers
Well it was a rather fab day. Lumpy2 came along as promised, as did Grumblegrunt, Alfredo, Horsa's No. 1 Fan, Fat_Walt and four bears (Sgts. Slingsby and Braille, Cpl. Horsa and M/Cpl Amy).

We made a cracking total of just over £180 on the stall and I haven't opened the collecting tins, saving them for tomorrow. A massive thank you to the volunteers who not only did that, but kept me supplied with cold drinks and ice cream every time my tonsils got too croaky.

The lovely Malcy of MalcyArt was there again, as was the equally lovely Tony of Combat Stress and paintandpixels. He's going to donate us a Limited Edition signed print of the Red Arrows for auction. Top man - must be that AAC background


Biggest surprise of the day was a gentleman buying a 'Fox-e lady' t-shirt for his three-year-old daughter, but ours not to reason why! Second surprise of the day was seeing Ben Elton wandering around (sadly we didn't catch him with a bear).

We regroup tomorrow at 0830 for more of the same, and will report back tomorrow.

BMG - PXRs for Weymouth and Tankfest will follow on Monday. Pics from Weymouth will be in the email from shopgirl and from Tankfest from HN1F.


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Just back from a day croaking at all and sundry. I can't thank HN1F and Fat_Walt enough for the amount of ice-cream they fed my poor throat. Anyway, after a count-up we made a profit, including the tins, of £161.76 plus ten cents euro today.

Total for the weekend a rather fab and groovy £342.01 which I'll pay across to 'Hols' tomorrow after I've banked it. Many thanks to everyone who made that possible, to all the arrsers who dropped by to chat, buy stuff, give us money and even pay for an auction item.

Now to rest our aching feet and prepare for the next event. Which may well be at the Museum of Army Flying at the end of November. Watch this forum!

Note to BMG: Amy has gone home with Braille with HN1F to prepare for THIS MONTH's nuptials and honeymoon. I am a tad worried about what the bears will be doing during this honeymoon! Slingsby has returned home with me and Horsa, until shopgirl is well again and can sort out that new uniform.

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