Holidays for Heroes - 2 tickets for Thorpe Park - ends 11/9/12


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A very quick auction. One of our kind supporters has two tickets to Thorpe Park with a use-by date of 10th October and cannot get there in the time, so has offered them to us for auction in aid of Holidays for Heroes.

Auction price includes postage to a UK address (anywhere else will be too slow for the deadline), and the auction will end at 1800 (UK Time) on Tuesday 11th September.

Usual auction rules apply otherwise.

Thank you for your bids, and thank you to hmmmmm for the donation.
As nobody has bidde for these tickets does anybody know of a deserving family that will be able to use them. I do not want to see them go to waste? I will happily send them on.


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Thank you Hmmm that's most gracious of you. Sorry I didn't get here at 1800. Work so interferes with the fundraising job :)

It was kind of you to think of us, and thank you for your support.
Thorpe Park is a great day out, unfortunately I'm geographically challenged. Suprisingly it has a lot of stuff for little'uns and if it's a nice day, has a beach area with ankle deep paddling lagoon thingy (we had an annual pass when I lived 10 mins away :) )

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