Holidays at Arborfield

Discussion in 'REME' started by WelshSoldierPontypool, Dec 28, 2009.

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  1. Afternoon ARRSErs

    Firstly hope you all had a good xmas.

    Just a quick question, i've searched for the answer but cant find what i'm looking for. I'm in week 6 of basic training at Bassingborn and will be going to Arborfield for Phase 2 at the end of Feb.

    In regards to holidays i've been told that at Arborfield most SUT's get the first 2 weeks of August off. Is that correct? Is it quite flexible in the sense that we get to choose our dates or is it more the dates that we get given?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Leave isn't flexible for Trainees, there is 2 weeks block leave in the summer, not sure of the dates though
  3. If its as per Bordon phase 2, then its 2 weeks at the start of August, 2 weeks at Christmas and then 2 weeks somewhere at Easter I believe.

    Dates are not selectable. Well they are as long as you want the dates you are told. Naturally.

    Oh, and as long as you don't get guard duty.
  4. Great, cheers boys
  5. WSP, PM me, I can give you exact dates if you still want them.
  6. Ah Dino! You're out of hibernation! Congrats on the long move! Can you claim disturbance allowance for that?!!
  7. Holidays at Arborfield?

    Arborfield is one long Holiday! Enjoy it mucker.

    Re Being like Bordon........Too many differences to mention but they have found that the term is a little long between Summer and Christmas so there's a half term break, normally in October.

    Cheers ears