Holidays are coming,

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Oh_Mama_2hot_2Spicy, Nov 7, 2011.

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  1. Hi

    Me and Mrs 2hot_2Spicy and off on our hols soon and I have a new E-reader thingy which I rather like. I have read all about Afghan I have been to Afghan, but now I would like some to read and about Gulf War One and the Falklands conflict some more.

    I am not from an Infantry background and enjoy reading about the political case for war the diplomatic side of life and long with the intelligence and planning aspects of a conflict ( sad I know).

    I have tried getting the following books in any e-reader format but am having no luck. If you know of any sites that could help or similiar books in an E-reader format could you direct me to them. Or anything else intelligencey or espionagey that you really rate.

    books i am after:

    The Dead Hand: Reagan, Gorbachev and the Untold Story of the Cold War Arms Race
    The Generals' War: The Inside Story of the First Gulf War
    The Silent Listener - Falklands 1982: The Inside Story of British Electronic Surveillance and Intel Controversies
    The Secret War for the Falklands: SAS, MI6 and the War Whitehall Nearly Lost
    Razor's Edge: The Unofficial History of the Falklands War

    All a bit try but I also have two seasons of family guy on the Ipad

    Thanks in Advance