Holidays and block leave

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by donnie6, May 23, 2009.

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  1. The adverts on tv state that you get 30 days payed leave. I would like to know if the 30 days means just your block leave or block leave and 30 days holiday.
  2. 1. The Army pays you on a 365 day basis. You are paid every day!

    2. Block leave allows the whole unit to shut down.

    You will be told that your block leave dates are x to y. You enter those on JPA (because JPA isn't clever enough...) and the system removes those days from your leave card.

    If you have any days over from those 30 days once all block leave has been allocated, you can take those as and when your training programme permits (and with the agreement of your boss).

    You will be told by your unit how to deal with Bank Holidays.

  3. 38 days including CO's grant and you can carry over up to 15 days without writing a letter to him/her.

    Sorry to rain on your parade Lits. I loves ya really xxxx
  4. Sorry, that wasn't clear enough!

    The 30 days of leave is for working days - so that is actually 6 working weeks away from work - paid!

    You'll be soooo bored.


    ....and Dale has mentioned that the Bank Holidays are now included. My Admin Office isn't too sure about that at the moment!

  5. Come on young lady. That’s not strictly true either is it.

    The extra days (over and above the 30) include bank holidays that are automatically entered at the start of the year now. Therefore soldiers are not penalised if they are unable to take the bank holiday.

    You can also be granted up to 2 days travelling time in each leave period so the actual total leave days can be even greater than 38

    Is it raining outside :wink:
  6. Litotes

    DIN 2009DIN01-042, Annual Leave Policy Change

    This will explain all to your HR staff. Good to see that they are up to date :D :D
  7. If I get 2 days travelling time in each leave period to get from Cambridge to N Yorks, I will show my arrse on the town hall steps and let you take photos.
  8. You as in a general anyone who is entitled (and can persuade the miserable HR b*stard that granting it doesn't mean it comes of their individual entitlement)

    It’s not always about you you know :wink:
  9. I can't believe you called me a general - I work for a living you know - and I am that miserable HR bastard, oh and we are Combat HR Miserable Bastards now, thanking you tar. :wink:
  10. What if you accidentally forget to put bank holidays on JPA
  11. From whose perspective are you asking the question?