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The web site is looking a bit old fashioned and in need of a spruce up (it was always last in line after the Slingsby site anyway)

Before I embark on killing it and starting from scratch anyone got any ideas for improvements and what they would like to see?
Dancing lesbians, midgets being hurled off car parks, public executions and monster trucks
meridian said:
Midget tossing, monster trucks, dancing lesbians, executions and naked chicks are one thing but paras, you fcuking deviant :D
MDN curling one out over a para helmet while wearing marigold gloves,fishnets & ballet boots.......


Book Reviewer
Get it written by somebody who owns a shed. Somebody who understands you aint writing to impress your mates, but to wring cash from an uncaring world.

A cranes forum would be nice?
Stick a GoogleAds banner at the bottom of pages and maybe some kind souls will click on the links generating a small bit of money here and there.

Money is down in internet advertising but it's still better than nothing, especially if random visitors from, say, here are suddenly interested in the weird stuff advertised by Google and want to click.
Not forgetting we need a GLOBAL perspective - something like 20% of Slingsby's site traffic comes from overseas.

Too much focus on "Squaddie" instead of the Charitable bit may be funny but won't help ... but Meridian knows that. He does "tit and bum" for a hobby :wink:
Lechies said:
PRI.... There's got to be a bit of merchandise knocking about.
We're on the case.

New team member 'shopgirl' is exploring assorted commercial deals.
Small stuff, like branded mugs and data pens and keyrings.

Sgt Slingsby sheds are in the LTC for 2011.

There's a new website under development to cover ARRSE auctions which may well have a shop attached.

Please remember this is all being done part-time by half a dozen people ... a bit like MoD Procurement :wink:


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blue-sophist said:
Sgt Slingsby sheds are in the LTC for 2011.
Can one put ones name down, for a small cash deposit? And if you're branding sheds, you might as well do jet-ski's. powerboats, cranes, JCB's and hairdressers. People who bleat on about cat rescue do mugs and key rings. If you're serious about getting the message out, do cranes. Thwaits dumpers. Cherry-pickers and all-terrain fork lifts. Do CAT D9's. Lets think big?

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