Holidays 4 Heroes - The Redux

Can someone make this Thread a 'Sticky'...

A thread to Post existing links and products etc. that are helping make money for Holidays 4 Heroes.

If you have any new products or ideas that will benefit Holidays 4 Heroes place them here in this thread, Wristbands and various other items are on their way as well as a Very 'Special' Challenge Coin we at UKChallengeCoins are producing, from which every penny made will go to Holidays 4 Heroes.

In the meantime, we still have several hundred ARRSE Challenge Coins as well as a few hundred UK Armed Forces Veterans Coins, both have a set donation to Holidays 4 Heroes for every coin sold.

Don't be without a Challenge Coin for the Army v Navy, and if you already have a coin don't forget to bring yours if others know you have one or it could be an expensive day :D

We will add our 'special' coin here in this thread as soon as it has been produced, it will be a Limited Run with 100% of the proceeds going to Holidays 4 Heroes.

Visit UK Challenge Coins Today and Support Holidays 4 Heroes at the same time ...

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