Holidaying at New Year

Discussion in 'Travel' started by sparky8, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. A few pals and I want to go away at New Year time, not really skiiers so we're looking more for somewhere thats hot, ideally has a beach and more importantly has good nightlife for the late 20's, early 30's type of guys!
    Not really looking to break the bank but are willing to pay a fair bit (lets say around the £500 mark for travel and accom) does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Try Dubai ...Qatar Airways have some good deals...have fun
  3. It's not dry then? Whats the nightlife like?
  4. Don't go to Dubai, it's like a building site at the moment.
  5. was thinking about rio!

    seem to be a few deals about at the min
  6. South Africa

    Cape Town or Jo'berg
  7. absolutely not dry...night life is outstanding....grub is cheap....and the ladies plentiful....helsp is you speak a few words of russian or bulgarian :lol:
  8. Thanks strewth will take your advice to the lads.

    Anyone else got any advice? Anywhere in USA? I know NY is a bit of a cliche for new years, anyone been anywhere else? Miami? Mexico?
  9. Thailand! Winner. Tsunamis aside like.
  10. Bit late but Goa,
    high 20's mid 30's every day cheap as hell and plenty of western birds about :D
  11. St Maarten/St. Martin in the Carribean. Half Dutch, half French island. Maho Beach hotel on the Dutch side, there's a casino too, and all the flight attendants stay there in between flights.
  12. Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. Hilton Sharks Bay, to be more precise. Been there 3 times, twice over xmas/new year. Really fantastic!
    No, I'm not on commission...
  13. Florida is great - but you might be struggling for 500squid