Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Murielson, Jul 29, 2005.

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  1. Anyone else on holibobs?

    I am in Spain - Benalmadena

    Where are you?
  2. im in cyprus i wish it were a holiday but its not :(

    however stroll on 31 aug! 2 weeks in Paphos here i come :)
  3. You're on Holiday, yet surf on Arrse?

    Sad, very sad.
  4. I went there once - it rained all week and I rowed with my boyfriend - hope you have a good time mu! I have only a week in Tunisia and 10 days in South Africa coming up - oh and possibly a week surfing in Devon! Yeehah...........
  5. going to Florida in September 05, so any Floridian ARRSE member who has an AK47 and other automactic weapons to play with, contact me :)

    also going to Disney world and Key West they were the places i missed out last time, Universal studio and Island of Adventure was great last year.

    Benalmada is ok , good location, nudist beach nearby near Torreblanca 8), Gibraltar about 1 hour up the road , if you want to see a bit of British in Spain, it does feel English in the Main Street.
  6. heading to limassol in early sept for two week, want to have another go at freefall
    before i get too old
  7. Theres a place on I-5 (I think) where you can hire a gat and turn some live rounds into empty cases.

    Disneys good, Hire an electric wheelchair, pretend to be a spaz, jump the que. All the fat biff spams do!

    I'm off to cornwall in September
  8. No longer in Spain - back at work in fact. Internet access in foyer of hotel so just popped onto ARRSE to see who was where on holibobs.

    Few days camping towards end of month to go now - Devonish probably. Any recommendations for good sites??
  9. That would be I-4 in Orlando I think it's called "Shoot Straight". There is also a range in St. Pete/Tampa area that will rent you full autos called "Knight's Shooting". Both are indoor shooting ranges both offer rentals, Knight's is exceptional have shot there a number of times and safety is paramount.

    Will be hard pressed finding any members in Florida with full auto weapons, I have none and Corporal has none to my knowledge. Full autos require a mimimum of a Class 3 NFA license and sign off from LE; more headache then the thrill of owning the full auto.

    PM me if you need more info.
  10. I loved Benalmadena!!