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Discussion in 'Australia' started by jest265, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. I am currently in the process of applying for a holiday working visa for Oz. has anybody else applied for one?

    I have been told I have to have a chest X Ray done to check for TB as I have lived in Africa for a while. Does anybody know if I have to get this done privately or if the NHS will do it for me?

    Also, it says I have to have a police check done but has not asked for the documents; do I need to send these off before I go or just take them to the airport with me?

    Thank you in advance for any help.
  2. Do everything your asked to do.
  3. Jest,

    I've got a few mates working out in Convictland who got working visas. I'd be more than happy to put you in contact with them if you want-send me a message on FB and I'll forward it onto them.
  4. Are you an idiot? That is obviously what I am doing and does not in any way answer my questions.

    Cheers matelot, I'll chat to you on MSN later.

    Are you an idiot? That is obviously what I am doing and does not in any way answer my questions.

  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    The NHS will not pay for you to have a TB check. The same way the respective governments' of the people who come here and have to present their results do not pay for their tests.

    If it says get a police check done, do it and submit it. The Aussies do not fcuk about when it comes to Immigration. They are just as likely to turn you around and send you back as say 'hello'.
  6. Do you know this all for definate or are you just guessing?

    Re the police check, as mentioned, I haven't been told where to submit it as it is all being done online.

    Anybody got anything useful to add instead of answering for the sake of answering?
  7. You will need to book your chest x-ray with an approved hospital or clinic in the UK. The Australian immigration website,, has a list of what they call panel doctors in the visa medical section. Click on the UK bit and then the area of the country you live in and you'll see the approved medical facilities in your area. you make an appointment with the facility of your choice and print off the x-ray form from the immigration website and take it with you to the appointment. You will also need a passport photo for the form. Cost of the x-ray will be in the region of £80.

    For the police check, go to
    Print off the form, complete it and send it back with payment. 10-14 days later, you'll receive your certificate.
  8. The TB check is not because you lived in Africa, it is a standard requirement. I am not sure about 12 month working hol visa's but the 457 Long Stay Business visa (4 Years) works like this. (and i am sure its the same, but dont quote me on that)

    Xray from hospital as listed on the aussie immigration website cost about 80quid as said, they submit it to the immigration department in aus (takes about a week to get there)

    As for a Police check, I did not require a police certificate, check first though as this was a bit of a grey area and i nearly sent off for a check that in the end was not required. however they still do conduct some basic checks. be honest and open as said the aussies do not fcuk about.

    when you do get your visa approved they no longer stamp it in your passport, its all done electronically now, but do carry a copy of the email that issues your visa number.

    When you do get here bring some cash or means of supporting yourself for at least 1-2 months until you get a job, they take a dim view of anyone that turns up without means of supporting themself. also dont bring quantites over your duty free allowance as they will nab it, they seriously dont fcuk about, not like uk customs where you can sneak the odd extra bottle or extra 200 fags !! DONT EVEN TRY IT

    Where abouts are you going to be working? and in what capacity?

    when you get here you want to get medicare (aussie equivlent of NHS) Medicare have a recipricol agreement with the NHS

    more details can be found at

    banks, I would use ANZ, to be fair they are all a much of a muchness but I have found them to be quite good. They will not be interested in what you have in the UK. If you earn over $50k you will be able to get a credit card - and trust me you need one here!! If you can bring reddie cash, and if it exceeds $10k or equivlent then you will have to declare it, not really a problem but same sketch DO DECLARE if you have more!! or they will confiscate it.

    If your going to be renting a place then its the hardest game in the world, if you have references from UK rentals then bring them, if you have mortgage agreements bring them as this will all help in your application for renting a place.

    Mobile phones, you wont be able to get a contract as your not a perm res, so bring your mobile and get it unlocked before you leave blighty. At the airport you can get a sim card, i have found vodafone AU to be the best, they do a pay as you go $49 for $340 worth of calls but must be used within the month.

    Hope this helps, if you want any further info please give me a shout.
  9. If all of the above seems a bit daunting consider NZ instead. I jumped on a plane and sorted everything out over here, after I'd started work (much cheaper as well). Not sure of the African connection but don't let it worry you to much. PM if you want more details.
  10. Jest,
    From reading the information on the DIAC website, I see that forms can be scanned in and attached to the application. They even let you know which file formats are acceptable. A little bit of reading can help you no end in your quest to visit 'Stralia.
    If you can't find the information, you have failed the 'barrier test' for entry to this country :)
  11. Nope!! dont know what the age limits are but im older than that. The 457 subclass visa (4 year) is a sponsored visa, the sketch is you get a offer from a aussie employer, they must be registered to take on poms or other jonnie foreigners. they will either process the visa themselves or employ an immigration consultant on their behalf who handle the visa process. These are being turned round very quick these days. mine was approved within 24 hours of being submitted. The timeline was from expression of interest to starting employment was 8 weeks (that could have been shorter by 2 weeks as i had to sort out a few personal affairs)

    the employer then control your stay in aus, if you leave the company or get sacked then you have 30 days to find alternative employment with a sponsorer or leave the country

    Also you MUST be on the in demand list - what employment are you in?

    sorry for mong spelling but its late and i have had a bottle of plonk and several carltons :p

  12. best thing to do is go on to the immigration website, have a mooch around. being ex army doesnt do any harm at all, it asks on the visa application if you have ever served in a military force, militia or terrorist org!!! Also I found that when i had interviews they were very keen to hear about mil experience and especially if been on ops.

    have a mooch on this
  13. stay clear of the websites that can make promises- they are all bo11ocks from what i have bloke in my old pub paid about 1500quid over 18 months ago and is still no where near.

    the way to do it is go through a reputable recruitment consultant in aus, they sort everything. i didnt pay didly squat (just my airfare to get here for interviews)

    As for stretching rules - dont try it, they are very strict and if they think you are taking the pi55 they will stop you crossing the border for at least 3 years.

    mate, its a 24 hour journey on a plane, not that far. so go for it. do you want to be sat in the pub in 10 years time saying to your mate "i wish i had done the aussie thing" or do you want to be sat in the pub in 10 years time (after getting perm res) and saying to your mate " im back for 3 weeks, lets go and get sh1tfaced!!
  14. by the way, i have mates that work in recruitment in sales, finance and construction so can put you on to them. you will also find that most of the recruiters are poms so they know the process as they have been through it themselves
  15. is it that much better than here? Fcuk i think so. have not met any poms that have a desire to return to UK.

    although i have not lived in US i personally think australia is a bit like america but without the w@nkers!!

    Family dont want you to go? well the answer to that one is that they have had their life, its your turn now (sorry if that sounds harsh, i had full support frfom mine, as they knew i would be fcuked if stayed in the uk.

    By the way "shrimp on the barbie" is a americanism done by Paul Hogan as a tourist ad for the septics. We call em prawns like normal people.

    Good luck mate with what ever you choose, I made my decision and not looked back.