holiday to Volgagrad (stalingrad)

Me and my mate both interested in in history were talking about going to Volgograd for the history (WW2) and seeing the famous army sites. I was wondering before I agreed to go if anyone had been there and could recommend it if they had been there before.
Been there several times, but each time only stayed overnight as I was travelling down the Volga by boat. Visit in the summer and you won't be disappointed: weather will be incredibly hot, Volga very warm for swimming, fantastic sandy beaches on the western bank of river, the most beautiful women everywhere.

As for war memorials, I have visited the Hergert flour mill and the awe inspiring Mother Russia monument on the hill. These alone will make your trip worthwhile.

Have not seen much of the city but from what I have it is fairly typical of this part of Russia.

My advice is, take mosquito repellent, drink plenty of Russian beer, try all the food, and most important, keep your eyes open at all times.
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