Holiday Spanish Villa

A week holiday for upto 5 people in one of our villas in Southern Spain.

Each pad has its own pool, will include airport pick up, drop off and no doubt be surrounded by the people we send there.

We can be fairly flexible on dates, you must provide your own flights, I can work with you on that as we do get discount.

Nearest airport Murcia San Javier, but also only 45 mins from Alicante.

Auction ends 1900 on 19th December, voucher / confiermation can be sent if a Chrimbo gift.


Book Reviewer
£200 from me.

(PG You beat me to it. Sorry I didn't pick up voicemails. Vodafone are pants.)
£260 To Mac_UK

Many thanks for the bids, please PM me to discuss dates etc.

HSBC: Holidays4heroes
Sort code: 40-12-09
Account number: 41416081
Payment made, spend it well on only the best Columbian marching powder and finest single malt whisky

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Nice one Mac, when are you planning the Spanish crawl for?

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Cheers Mac I've just honked in my mouth.

but no that wasn't my first thought.

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