'Holiday raffle'


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Same as the auction item for a week but to give everyone a chance of a week away at the resort where we send our injured, widows, cases etc we are going to run a raffle.


Tickets are £5 each or £10 for three.

Either pay via internet banking with some sort of reference, then PM or email me (info@holidays4heroes) with the reference number and you'll be allocated ticket numbers.

This will be drawn on Sunday evening.

Anyone wanting to use paypal - use hooverbags@msn.com and use a reference as above.

Bank details:
Sort: 40-12-09
Acct: 41416081
Just sent 20 sovs for 6 tickets please.
Done through bank account and it didn't give me any reference, from an account ending in 460

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Apologies, I should have made it clearer.

When you pay into the account it asks you for a reference, PM me the same reference so I can allocate ticket numbers.

Macs and Wileys will be PM'd by morning, thanks fellas.
30 sent via PayPal.
C'mon then, who won?

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Apols, meant to say the other day, there are people who have made online transactions from building societies and they take upto 3 working days to clear so the raffle will be drawn tomorrow evening (14/11/2012) at 22:00 hrs


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Hols has asked me to post a brief update, as he has no internet today. More details later I'm sure, but tiny-lewis won the raffle.

Er, um. Wow!


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