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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Mongoose, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. Greetings, the Mrs and I are off on holiday in August and its been booked for ages. However she's heard through the grapevine that some chump wants to send her on a different holiday to Afghanistan for 6 months, if we have to cancel our holiday is there any way we can claim the money back off the army?
  2. Ever heard of a clerk? They're people paid especially to try and answer questions just like the one you asked. May I suggest you try asking them first, before wasting time on here.

    As I'm feeling generous, and to help you out, I assume that your holiday is covered by cancellation insurance?
  3. Shut it chump, I am a ******* clerk and I don't know the answer
  4. Well then you should know exactly who to speak to to get the answer. You're asking an anonymous internet forum a question that you should be expected to answer yourself?

    My question about insurance still stands. Here's another one - has your Mrs been warned off for ops yet...?
  5. It is a friday night to be fair, plenty of knowledge floating around on arrse

    As for insurance, not too sure, she's dealing with all that.

    & its all unofficial at the moment (someone found an email they shouldn't have) but its more that likely it seems
  6. You should try and claim on your holiday insurance, if that fails send her to the sandy place and take the younger version on holiday
  7. The answer is NO. You cannot claim anything back off the Army if you have booked a holiday and then get warned for Ops.

    You are in the Army. If they send you anywhere, you go (unless you are downgraded etc)

    When you book a holiday, it is recommended to take out insurance so it can be re-claimed. If you have no insurance, then its tough really.

    You could sell the holiday or take someone else while shes getting a tan for free!
  8. So what's nugatory pay for?

    Sorry to be naive.

  9. JSP 752, Ch 10, Sec 9 - Refund of Nugatory Holiday Expenditure - All Service personnel are eligiable to claim when their holiday plans and, where appropriate, those of their accompanying immediate family (Para 10.0910c) are cancelled or curtailed as a result of unforeseen and unavoidable Service Requirements. Chell118 is incorrect.
  10. I stand corrected. Apologies.
  11. "unforeseen and unavoidable Service Requirements"

    could they argue that in the present climate deployment isn't an unforeseen requirement? Not playing devil's advocate,it just looks like a mighty big loop hole from a civvie point of view!
  12. Correct!

    This is the bit you need:

    10.0910. General. NHE payments will be considered only where holiday expenditure already incurred in anticipation of normal leave is rendered wholly or partly nugatory as a result of the cancellation or curtailment of that leave. Claims are to be limited to actual losses incurred and are subject to all the following conditions:

    a. There must be proof of expenditure (eg receipts).

    b. There must be evidence that all reasonable steps have been taken to obtain a refund of the original expenditure from the holiday operator, travel agent or insurance company; claims will not be considered until all such efforts have been exhausted. If, however, a refund is obtained from the holiday operator/travel agent or insurance company after receiving compensation from the MOD, the claimant must repay to the MOD such a sum as to ensure that the net compensation/refund does not exceed the original outlay.

    c. The loses should relate only to expenditure incurred by the Service person in respect of themselves and their immediate family (ie spouse/civil partner and/or dependant children) and not to that incurred by or on behalf of
    JSP 752 DII Ver 6 - 01/04/07
    10 - 9 - 3
    another relative, fiancé/fiancée, intended civil partner or friend. Claims may, however, be submitted in respect of expenditure incurred by, or on behalf of, a fiancé/fiancée or intended civil partner in cases where a marriage or registration of a civil partnership has been arranged which would have taken place before or during the cancelled holiday.

    10.0911. Insurance. Service personnel are advised that they are expected to plan their personal travel and holiday arrangements in a responsible manner, with due regard to their Service commitments. They are strongly advised to purchase suitable insurance cover whenever they travel. The insurance cover purchased or any failure to arrange suitable insurance cover will influence any subsequent claim against the MOD as follows:

    a. A Service person who has purchased an insurance policy which includes cancellation cover, who subsequently manages to reclaim cancelled holiday costs, less the cost of the insurance policy and excess, from the insurance company will be refunded the cost of the insurance premium and any excess.

    b. A Service person who has purchased an insurance policy which does not include cancellation cover and must reclaim NHE from public funds, will be refunded the costs incurred less the difference in cost between the inadequate insurance purchased and the cost of suitable insurance as quoted by NAAFI, assuming the former is cheaper than the latter.

    c. A Service person who has not purchased any insurance policy, and must reclaim NHE from public funds will be refunded the costs incurred less the cost of suitable insurance as quoted by NAAFI.
  13. Yeh, I was unable to cut and paste the relavent and I did not have the time to type out the whole extract so VMT :D
  14. Sweet Lord you are currently working in the hub of military policy and you do not know that lol :wink:
  15. woowoo! Thanks