Holiday in Croatia - What's it Cost

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Norfolknchance, Aug 2, 2010.

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  1. Me and the present Mrs Chance are off to the Istrian peninsula in a few weeks but it would help if we knew the cost of things - like beer, coffee, snacks etc. We're on half board for a week so no great worries about food, just a spot of lunch.

    I think the current rate of exchange is around 8 kuna to £1 so if anyone has any thoughts on this, greatly appreciated.
  2. They will take Euros as well as Kuna. Get you Euros from the hole in the wall. A Pizza will set you back 5 or 6 Euros and a beer at least 3Euros. Better off with a Sopska salad (the usual plus cheese) or something - again around 3 or 4 Euros.

    Be careful of the fish - they charge by the Kilo and you could find yourself eating a 25 Euro a portion. Tasty but not what you planned. A bottle of local wine will set you back around 25 Euros depending on the restaurant you are in - in a bar it will cost around 20 Euros but as I said it all depends on the bar. Your best bet is a local bar where the locals drink.

    And tea is not necessarily our tea. They are Johnny F's and drink all sorts of stuff that we would classify as weeds:)

    Local brandies - Rakija. If it is domestic (domache) it will be around 3 Euros a whack but it provides lots of bang for your buck. Slivo - plum, krushka - pear, smokva - fig, loza - wine, travarica - herbs (various), orah - walnut etc etc.

  3. RM - many thanks, I thought they might take Euros. The missus drinks all these funny teas so a beer would be a perfect substitute! Will certainly enjoy, seem to remember the eye candy was very pleasant some 18 years ago!
  4. Bloody hell... Have just a booked flights to Croatia for a honeymoon with the soon-to-be Charlotte_Cong. On the basis that it would be cheaper than Eurozone. Now feeling very foolish.

    Feel free to make "wa, wa, waaaaa" noises.


  5. Well my experience of the place is that, although they are only too happy to accept Euros, you're much better off paying in kunas, as you will get a better price! It's also easier to negotiate in kunas, but generally speaking the country is definitely cheaper than neighbouring ones (e.g. Greece, Italy), although I suspect places such as Albania may be cheaper ;-). I found wine overpriced for the quality (EUR 20-25), but other beverages on the cheap side. Food was also cheaper, but not very varied and beware the fish, as mentioned above.
    Note also that well known resorts, such as Hvar or places like Dubrovnik can be pretty pricey! Otherwise lovely country... Vis and Brac were garissonned by us at some point during ww2. I've seen the memorial on Brac, on the Vidova Gora mountain. Well worth a visit.
  6. Reacquaint yourself with Karlovačko, a cheeky little beer that can be 14% proof. It's the ideal accompaniment whilst watching the aforementioned long-legged wannabe porn stars strut their stuff hither and thither.

    Particularly hither.
  7. 40C; seem to remember this Karlov stuff blew your balls off if not attended to with the correct attitude. Sitting in a harbour bar in Trogir with a dozen fellow squaddies, some started not to appreciate the 14% proof of this stuff and ended up throwing themselves and each other in aforementioned H2O. One of the girls was very accommodatiing to my suggestion that she take her top off and come and sit on my lap for the rest of the evening! She gave me a good tongue-lashing for that one - dribble!

    Must give the porn stars a miss this time, though I can still squint from behind the dark glasses - must go to Specsavers.
  8. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm off there with the current gf at about the same time. If you're going in early Septmeber, as I am, then some things start to get cheaper as its out of season with most kids back at school.
  9. :) And there was everyone thinking R_M is hard at work in Sarajevo...

    The Dalmation Coast is the business, every Friday throughout the Summer (or even just for the Sunday if we were working a mine clearance site) everyone involved in Mine Action in Bosnia would all meet up at our favourite little spot, great times! can't really add much to the above, avoid the Pelinkovac (usually given as an On the House pressie at the end of a decent meal) if you don't like the taste of earwax :) if you can afford it then you should definitely have at least one decent night out in a local sea front restaurant, they show you the whole fish that you choose, Dentex is an awesome fish to have, ask for a kilo of shells also, both the mussels and the small white clams are fantastic and the juice they are served in is amazing! seafood salad in most restaurants on the Croatian Coast is great! as is a bowl of fish soup, a decent home grown dish is Hvarska Gregada ... when it comes to wine, you would be better off ordering a German wine as I don't recall too many outstanding Croatian wines down there.

    One of the very best Letching Zones on the Planet! ;)
  10. I took the ex-mrs-spaz to Croatia 3 or 4 years ago it was Mega. She wasn't that impressed though when I piled her into the hire car and smashed it through the border at komensko, before going on a cabby around Kupres and TSG.
  11. Your memory does'nt fail you. Sadly, as has been mentioned, the wines are not up to the same standard: if they persist on drinking that muck then it's no wonder they insist on malleting each other every second generation.

    Trogir, eh? Well, if your experience is North of Split, then you really must go south along the Makarska Riviera. It can be a hellish drive but the scenery thing (Adriatic shimmering away on the right and the sudden rise of the Karst Mountains on the left is quite stunning): from Makarska you can take a ferry across to Brac, explore the island, and then catch a different ferry back to Split. The view alone should earn some brownie points with the Zulu c/s, which you can redeem when you make a complete arse of yourself after the 8th Karlov.
  12. The best wine in Croatia is a red called Dingac. Unfortunately it costs the same as decent bottle in the UK. I was last there 8 years ago and it worked out at about a pound for a half litre of beer. We were planning on going again in 2004 but by then the price had doubled whereby for £30 more we got a fortnight in Cuba. If you're not a great fish lover (I'm not) most restaurants serve food that anyone who's served in Germany would recognise, Fricasee, Fricadell, Bratwurst etc..

    As to currency, don't bother with Euros, wait till you get there and draw the local currency from an ATM